Farm objective

Launched in January 2017 this Innovation Farm serves companies that want to improve customer-centricity via digital innovation. CMOs, CDOs, CIOs and their teams will take part annually in a series of workshops, small talks, working sessions and other events, as well as in an annual conference and will have the option to engage in innovation labs within the Farm
The events and innovation labs in this farm focus on topics ranging from behavioral segmentation, customer predictive analytics and customer identity, to innovative concepts such as Artificial Intelligence based Customer Experience, IA assisted Personalization or Customer-centric Blockchain, including brand new concepts such as Customer Cognifying, and other areas where analytics and technology have the power to transform marketing, sales and customer experience. .
Seven big events (4 workshops, 2 small talks and 1 annual conference), all them around the topic of Customer Identity (Customer 360, Behavioral Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Social Profiling, GDPR…), have been done along 2017. Amounting to some 300 assistants, 30 speakers and 4 published whitepapers. A collective (3 companies) lab on Behavioral Segmentation has been initiated.
Besides 3 workshops (Customer Cognifying, IA based Customer Experience and IA assisted Personalization), the following subjects will be covered during 2018:
• Loyalty in the Customer Age
• Customer-centric Blockchain
• Omnichannel e-Commerce and e-Marketplaces
• Media Performance transparency
• Brand equity and CX business impact

Corporate members

The following companies are members of the Customer Analytics Farm. Members (typically CMO’s or senior marketing and technology leaders) have the option to participate in four innovation workshops and one conference annually. Members also have access to Farm experts who can help them explore the possibilities of engaging in of 3-6 month innovation labs that deliver early stage prototypes (apps, bots, algorithms, software, digital business models, etc).
  • Carrefour
  • Ikea
  • Melia
  • Orange
  • Publiespaña
  • Toyota
  • Vodafone

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The following technology companies have made their technology available to the Customer Analytics Farm for member companies to use in innovation labs.


Sponsoring tech companies collaborate with the Customer Analytics farm helping define key topics for the member community and have higher exposure and opportunities available.
  • Amazon

These tech companies offer their technology for members to experiment in the innovation labs.
  • Adobe
  • Cloudera
  • Oportunista
  • Sas
  • Splio
  • Visual Tagging
  • Wayra
  • Xeerpa

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customer profile identity

06/04/2018 Workshop #1 - Customer Cognifying

Customer Cognifying, an innovative approach to Cutomer Strategy management.

A framework proposal.




Behavior-based Customer segmentation and targeting

22/06/2018 Workshop #2 - Customer Experience with AI based agents

Client Service optimization through chatbots.

A framework proposal.



Customer-centric Innovation datification

05/10/2018 Workshop #3 - Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

Customer personalized management in all its splendour.

A framework proposal.

Predictive & prescriptive customer analytics

13/12/2108 Annual Conference

2018 activities review and appraisal. Workshops, small talks, working groups, labs, whitepapers… Areas for improvement.

2019 Agenda proposal.

Guest speakers.

customer profile identity



The following topics will also be covered, under the form of either small talks or working groups: Loyalty in the Customer Age; Customer-centric Blockchain; Omnichannel e-Commerce and e-Marketplaces; Media Performance Transparency; Brand Equity and CX business impact.


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Dean of IE HST

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Vice Dean of Technology, IE HST

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Vice Dean of Behavior & Human Development and Director Corporate Relations, IE HST

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