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IE Law School trains professionals with a legal education that’s rooted in the social sciences, preparing them to meet global challenges head on.

To achieve this, our undergraduate and graduate programs focus on a diverse set of sectors and practices, many of which go beyond the boundaries of traditional legal education. In addition to law, our students also gain insights into disciplines such as business management, economics, politics, philosophy and the humanities.

Within our overall learning objectives, we place special emphasis on business law, which touches on all aspects of modern society and is directly relevant to students’ professional trajectories. Alongside this, students explore the intersection between law and technology, and the application of technological solutions that allow the provision of legal services through digital means.

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    Breaking down barriers between disciplines

    A strong business focus

    We understand that the future of the legal industry lies in the ever-changing and interwoven relationship between law, business and economics. As an integral part of IE University, IE Law School boasts a world-renowned faculty that includes prestigious industry leaders and top professors from IE Business School. We set ourselves apart from the rest with our strong focus on business and corporate law, and a uniquely global, entrepreneurial and tech-forward perspective that blends theory with hands-on experience.

    All of our programs include a core business module designed to offer students the skills, financial literacy and managerial knowledge needed to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive corporate world. One of our main objectives is to help students unlock their own capacity to drive transformation. By giving them access to initiatives like Area 31, we empower students to develop their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

    Embracing technology

    A tech-forward vision

    Technological innovation is taking the legal profession to new heights. At IE Law School, we believe that technology is the main catalyst of transformation within the legal sector. For this reason, we teach our students about the power of technology and use the latest technological tools to enhance the educational experience.

    The legaltech module—which is offered in each program—exposes students to the most cutting-edge and disruptive concepts surrounding the use of technology in legal processes. What’s more, with renowned experts in new and emerging legal disciplines driving program development and participating in IE Law School initiatives, students have access to a wealth of real-world insights.

    Our extensive experience in this area has allowed us to stand out internationally, as top law firms look to us as a benchmark for their own tech transformation.

    Pioneers on global legal education

    A step beyond the future of legal education

    Facing globalization, becoming an ally with technology and recognize opportunities on tough challenges are part of our DNA, yet sharing our knowledge is our greatest pride.

    This year, IE Law School has been designated as the coordinator of a global and ambitious research project by the International Bar Association and the Law Schools Global League to develop a blueprint for global legal education that will help legal education institutions to understand how globalization and technology impact legal education globally.

    In this ambitious project, more than 400 bar associations, law schools, and other legal institutions are expected to participate.

    Leading innovation in the new era of law

    A world-renowned academic offering

    Our faculty members are leading researchers, top professionals and respected thinkers who draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to offer students meaningful insights. IE Law School is firmly committed to building an academic community through different initiatives, such as the LawAhead Hub. As they create a dynamic space for networking and idea-sharing, IE Law School sees each event, conference and seminar as a chance for students to directly engage with the legal world, building their skill set in the process.

    Our contact with today’s legal industry allows us to integrate, in real time, current legal realities into program content. While students explore a vast array of legal perspectives, they also have the opportunity to explore comparative law using our practice-based methodology.

    Preparing lawyers for the future world of work

    A competitive skill set

    IE Law School boasts a community of leaders that are driving change across the legal sector. Our expert faculty, enthusiastic students and ambitious alumni make us unique, and permit us to shape an ecosystem defined by innovation and creativity. Within this environment, we develop our programs with new realities in mind as we strive to prepare the lawyers of tomorrow.

    Thanks to our active role in the legal sector, we have a unique ability to complement our programs with international exchange opportunities, focusing on the professional world of law. And, at IE University, our dynamic ecosystem facilitates collaboration across disciplines. For example, our relationship with the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology allows us to constantly develop and enhance our programs within the context of the new digital age. As an institution, we set ourselves apart with this focus on enhancing students’ future-forward skills and providing them with what they need to make their way to the head of the pack.

    Training students to be global lawyers

    A global perspective

    With students representing more than 130 nationalities, a global network of alumni and faculty members from around the world, our IE University family is truly international. Thanks to our diverse, global community, we are uniquely positioned to offer experiences and opportunities that help students gain a more international understanding of law. In the classroom, we enhance our international focus and global perspective through a comparative approach to the study of law, giving students the opportunity to explore legal systems around the world, and think critically about the way law is practiced in different countries. With these international foundations, our students can use their extensive knowledge of diverse legal systems to get ahead in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

    IE Law School has been recognized by global institutions, including the International Bar Association, the European Law Students’ Association, the International Association of Law Schools and the Law Schools Global League.


IE University’s Liquid Learning model greatly expands the scope of our teaching. Through Liquid Learning, students are better prepared to succeed in international legal practice. With a broader skill set, they are empowered to become more self-reliant and flexible as they define their own learning journey and lay the path for their professional future.

  • World-Class Faculty - Master in Global Corporate Compliance | IE Law School


    IE Law students are guided on their journey by our outstanding faculty, which boasts a diverse mix of nationalities, international academic achievements and professional experience, each with a unique style and background. They follow the best legal training methodologies—particularly the legal case method—while applying their own, innovative techniques.

    As today’s social, economic and political borders are more open than ever, a new, up-to-date approach to the study of law is required. For that reason, we equip students with a unique and creative global legal mindset, using comparative law to a varying degree, depending on the program.

    These methodologies, designed to broaden our students’ global vision, complement immersive, experiential and practical learning experiences like our legal clinic, IE labs and numerous international challenges and competitions.

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At IE Law School, we provide our students with an exceptional and unique opportunity: to remain in direct and constant contact with the best national and international companies and law firms. As soon as our students begin their studies, they are immersed in the corporate world, allowing them to become professionals ready to stand out in the sector, committed to excellence in the legal practice, and capable of making an important impact.
  • Allen & Overy | IE Law School
  • Baker Mckenzie | IE Law School
  • Clifford Chance | IE Law School
  • Cuatrecasas | IE Law School
  • Deloitte | IE Law School
  • Eversheds Sutherland Nicea | IE Law School
  • Erns & Young | IE Law School
  • ONTIER | IE Law School
  • Pérez-Llorca | IE Law School
  • PwC | IE Law School
  • Huawei | IE Law School
  • White & Case | IE Law School
  • Coca Cola | IE Law School
  • Telefonica | IE Law School


We have established a number of strategic partnerships with other leading international law schools, giving our students the opportunity to graduate with certifications from our partners in addition to their IE Law School degree. Thanks to this truly global profile, IE Law School is uniquely positioned to respond to the increasing demand for cross-border lawyers.



    IE Law School’s partnership with The University of Law in the United Kingdom allows students to combine our Bachelor of Laws with other programs at this top British university. Upon graduation, students will be able to practice law in Spain, and in the UK, they will be able to pursue a career as a solicitor or barrister.

  • Northwestern University (undergrad.)
    Northwestern University (undergrad.)

    Northwestern University (undergrad.)

    IE University has another agreement with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law to allow students the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Laws in Spain at IE University as well as an LL.M. or Juris Doctor from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

  • Northwestern University (master)
    1 Northwestern University (master)

    Northwestern University (master)

    We also collaborate with the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in our Executive LL.M. program. Students graduating from this program will receive an LL.M. from the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and a certificate from IE Business School in Business Administration.

  • NYU
    1 NYU


    Thanks to our collaboration with the NYU School of Law, we are able to offer students a one-week stay at the school as part of our Master in Global Corporate Compliance (LL.M./MsL). Not only do students enjoy an unforgettable experience at NYU, but they will also receive a certificate recognizing their completion of the program.

  • The Harry Radzyner Law School - IDC Herzliya
    The Harry Radzyner Law School - IDC Herzliya

    The Harry Radzyner Law School - IDC Herzliya

    Our Master in Legal Tech students have the opportunity to experience an immersive experience in Israel at The Harry Radzyner Law School at IDC Herzliya. During the last period of this master’s program, students will spend one week in Israel where they will participate in face-to-face classes and special events, centered around innovation and networking. After this week, participants take part in a challenge related to what they learned in Israel.



We are members of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS), a private, non-political and non-profit society whose mission is to support the community of institutions focused on providing proper training in law with the goal of improving legal education around the world. In 2015, our school hosted two of the association’s major events: The Global Deans Forum and The IALS Annual Meeting.


We are also part of the Law Schools Global League, an institution that brings together a select number of law schools from around the world. Its aim is to promote worldwide academic debate on the education and practice of law as a global discipline. In similar fashion, the league develops initiatives which contribute to teaching methodologies, and creates a research agenda.


Our membership in the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) allows our students to participate in one of the world’s most prestigious European law competitions. ELSA is an international non-profit organization which is managed independently by participating students. Some of our master’s students found out about IE Law School thanks to this institution. As ELSA members, we share the goal of providing future lawyers with the highest standards of excellence in education.


In order to provide the opportunity to practice law in the United States, England and Wales to our students from el Doble Máster de Accceso a la Abogacía, as well as those enrolled in the LL.M. in International Business Law and the Master in Global Corporate Compliance (Full-Time), IE Law School has signed an agreement with BARBRI. With this agreement, students can take the California BAR Exam and the QLTS, which simultaneously adds value to these master programs.


As part of the International Bar Association—the world’s leading organization of legal practitioners, bar associations, and international legal companies—IE Law School participates in several of its committees. Our vice dean of international relations, Soledad Atienza, is an advisor to the Academic and Professional Development Committee.


Furthermore, we have earned a European Module, a prestigious award given by the European Commission to those institutions characterized by their innovative approach to law education.


We also collaborate with the Law Without Walls program, which is an initiative designed to bring together companies and more than 100 students from law schools and businesses worldwide with the goal of developing solutions that respond to the real-world problems of today’s legal sector. Within this program, students receive advice from international mentors who push them to innovate and think creatively.


IE is recognized by the four most prestigious and international accrediting bodies and associations in the world of business education. Our law programs also benefit from IE Business School's prestigious international reputation, due to the inclusion of cutting-edge business content to prepare future lawyers for tomorrow's complex, dynamic landscape. Thanks to our innovative design, multidisciplinary approach and global focus, as well as our tech-forward and business expertise, IE Law School looks to provide students with a top-quality education, allowing them to face the challenging reality of today’s corporate legal environment.
  • Associations of AMBAs Accredited | IE Law School
  • Equis Accredite | IE Law School

IE Law’s Master in Global Corporate Compliance

The only master outside of the US accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)®

  • Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics

    Upon completion, students will be eligible to access the Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional - International (CCEP-I)® exam, as this master is now accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)®.

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