About IE Law School

We prepare professionals for success in the new legal landscape

At IE Law School, we prepare the industry leaders of tomorrow by anticipating changes in the legal profession. Guided by our top-tier faculty, our students gain a strong foundation in legal concepts and reasoning as they acquire the skills they need for real-world success. To prepare our students for the complex, dynamic world of tomorrow, we provide them with opportunities to enhance their tech knowledge and business literacy, regardless of their program or background.

Thanks to our creative, innovative spirit, we have become a hub for innovation, fostering entrepreneurial thinking and leading change in legal education. Our goal is to prepare students for real, lasting success in today’s globally focused, tech-forward legal ecosystem.

For over 40 years, IE Law School has been pioneering the use of technology to enrich the learning experience and consolidate our position as an internationally recognized leader in legal education.


    Breaking down barriers between disciplines

    A strong business focus

    We understand that the future of the legal industry lies in the ever-changing and interwoven relationship between law, business and economics. As an integral part of IE University, IE Law School boasts a world-renowned faculty that includes prestigious industry leaders and top professors from IE Business School. We set ourselves apart from the rest with our strong focus on business and corporate law, and a uniquely global, entrepreneurial and tech-forward perspective that blends theory with hands-on experience.

    All of our programs include a core business module designed to offer students the skills, financial literacy and managerial knowledge needed to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive corporate world. One of our main objectives is to help students unlock their own capacity to drive transformation. By giving them access to initiatives like Area 31, we empower students to develop their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

    Embracing technology

    A tech-forward vision

    Technological innovation is taking the legal profession to new heights. At IE Law School, we believe that technology is the main catalyst of transformation within the legal sector. For this reason, we teach our students about the power of technology and use the latest technological tools to enhance the educational experience.

    The legaltech module—which is offered in each program—exposes students to the most cutting-edge and disruptive concepts surrounding the use of technology in legal processes. What’s more, with renowned experts in new and emerging legal disciplines driving program development and participating in IE Law School initiatives, students have access to a wealth of real-world insights.

    Our extensive experience in this area has allowed us to stand out internationally, as top law firms look to us as a benchmark for their own tech transformation.

    Leading innovation in the new era of law

    A world-renowned academic offering

    Our faculty members are leading researchers, top professionals and respected thinkers who draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to offer students meaningful insights. IE Law School is firmly committed to building an academic community through different initiatives, such as the LawAhead Hub. As they create a dynamic space for networking and idea-sharing, IE Law School sees each event, conference and seminar as a chance for students to directly engage with the legal world, building their skill set in the process.

    Our contact with today’s legal industry allows us to integrate, in real time, current legal realities into program content. While students explore a vast array of legal perspectives, they also have the opportunity to explore comparative law using our practice-based methodology.

    Preparing lawyers for the future world of work

    A competitive skill set

    IE Law School boasts a community of leaders that are driving change across the legal sector. Our expert faculty, enthusiastic students and ambitious alumni make us unique, and permit us to shape an ecosystem defined by innovation and creativity. Within this environment, we develop our programs with new realities in mind as we strive to prepare the lawyers of tomorrow.

    Thanks to our active role in the legal sector, we have a unique ability to complement our programs with international exchange opportunities, focusing on the professional world of law. And, at IE University, our dynamic ecosystem facilitates collaboration across disciplines. For example, our relationship with the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology allows us to constantly develop and enhance our programs within the context of the new digital age. As an institution, we set ourselves apart with this focus on enhancing students’ future-forward skills and providing them with what they need to make their way to the head of the pack.

    Training students to be global lawyers

    A global perspective

    With students representing more than 130 nationalities, a global network of alumni and faculty members from around the world, our IE University family is truly international. Thanks to our diverse, global community, we are uniquely positioned to offer experiences and opportunities that help students gain a more international understanding of law. In the classroom, we enhance our international focus and global perspective through a comparative approach to the study of law, giving students the opportunity to explore legal systems around the world, and think critically about the way law is practiced in different countries. With these international foundations, our students can use their extensive knowledge of diverse legal systems to get ahead in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

    IE Law School has been recognized by global institutions, including the International Bar Association, the European Law Students’ Association, the International Association of Law Schools and the Law Schools Global League.


The richness of our faculty, dedicated to teaching, research and the promotion of social impact in the legal sector, lies in its diversity of interests, experience and research that crosses disciplines. Discover the opinion of our professors about the skills needed for future lawyers in the sector and at IE Law School.


At IE Law School, we provide our students with an exceptional and unique opportunity: to remain in direct and constant contact with the best national and international companies and law firms. As soon as our students begin their studies, they are immersed in the corporate world, allowing them to become professionals ready to stand out in the sector, committed to excellence in the legal practice, and capable of making an important impact.
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  • Baker Mckenzie | IE Law School
  • Clifford Chance | IE Law School
  • Cuatrecasas | IE Law School
  • Deloitte | IE Law School
  • Eversheds Sutherland Nicea | IE Law School
  • Erns & Young | IE Law School
  • ONTIER | IE Law School
  • Pérez-Llorca | IE Law School
  • PwC | IE Law School
  • Huawei | IE Law School
  • White & Case | IE Law School
  • Coca Cola | IE Law School
  • Telefonica | IE Law School

Hear from people like you


“IE gave me the chance to work with MBA students and professors on startup projects and implement different legal strategies for each specific case.”

Associate at BMA – Barbosa Müssnich Aragão

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“Because of the diverse backgrounds of my fellow students, business opportunities arose in regions that I could have never imagined before joining the program.”

Attorney at Law Office Konjevod – Croatia

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“The professors who teach the classes are real experts in their different fields. On top of providing their knowledge, they contribute to the student’s development…”

Legal Trainee at Ontier

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“The program provided me with a comprehensive perspective of law and a set of tools that have helped me to successfully handle complex legal issues…”

Lawyer at Bustillo Abogados and Teaching, Fellow in Corporate Law at IE Law School

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Paulina Godynyuk IE Law School


"The best part of the comparative law program at IE is the fact that you get to learn about several legal jurisdictions and teach others about your own legal jurisdiction."

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"After completing this international experience, not only do I have more personal and professional options to choose from, but also a wider perspective, greater awareness of cultural nuances”

Associate Director at Business Ethics Compliance & Privacy Consultancy

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A message from the Dean

Welcome to IE Law School. At the school, we believe that to stay true to ourselves we have to fully commit to innovation, helping our students to reach their full potential and succeed in today’s constantly changing world. We truly appreciate that you have placed your trust in us as a potential school for the next step in your legal career.

If you do decide to join us, you’ll be embarking on a unique journey of personal and professional growth. Throughout your time here, you will share educational experiences with like-minded students that extend beyond the classroom. Like you, they increasingly value a more dynamic, global, multidisciplinary and technological legal training. What’s more, you’ll discover the unique challenges and extraordinary opportunities present in society today, and learn how to adapt to and lead these changes with a proactive attitude.

At IE Law School, we want our students to adopt a global outlook, and this can only be achieved if they tackle complex and cross-border legal cases head-on, through teamwork and by developing multidisciplinary skills. All of our postgraduate and executive education programs are built around this vision, and this is something we want to share with you. For this reason, we invite you to explore our school to find out what legal innovation truly looks like. Once you’re with us, make sure to squeeze every last drop of experience out of the opportunities available to you; question the world around you; readily welcome new perspectives with open arms and absorb everything you possibly can.

On behalf of our faculty and personnel, I want to thank you for considering us, and to remind you that we’re here to help you to reach your goals. I encourage you once again to come and explore our school, and I wish you the very best for this next phase of your professional life.


Javier de Cendra

Dean of IE Law School