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Business and Corporate Law

Corporate and Business Law in a globalized world

In a global world, where most operations or transactions involve different jurisdictions, the knowledge of the legal, business and tax connections of the different legal systems is essential when providing a comprehensive advice to clients. This advice involves not only knowing the law, but also understanding thoroughly the business strategy behind it.

The 21st century lawyer cannot rely on stagnant knowledge. Today, more than ever, he/she has to count on the adequate professional techniques in order to provide the added value that the most demanding client requires.

At IE Law School we are committed to teaching our students to become aware that they live in a world where the freedom of capitals and movement determine all corporate transactions.

Everything is a process that, in a transnational context like the current one, must be understood and managed based on the underlying economic and/or financial decisions – from the accurate planning of transactions using a corporate and tax point of view, through the complex negotiation processes, to the legal due diligence of all the documents, without forgetting the need to minimize the risks of the parties involved in the transaction.

The MBA Module: Adding value to legal training

Born as a business school, IE Law School recognizes the importance of implementing a corporate and business vision in legal training. Through the MBA Module, integrated into all our Master and LLM programs, our students develop a strong business mindset and gain practical knowledge on the different areas of the corporate world. Upon completion of the program, our students receive a “Business Administration Certificate” by IE Business School.

IE Business School
Ranked #8 worldwide and #4 in Europe Global MBA by the Financial Times.

Programs with a strong focus in Business & Corporate Law

IE Law School is notable for its strength in business and corporate law and all our Master of Laws programs have a core business module, designed to provide legal professionals the skills to succeed in the corporte and business world.

LLM in International Business Law

The LLM in International Business Law transforms students into global lawyers and business strategists, with a specific formation on soft skills, critical for developing a succesful career in international business.

Explore the LLM in International Business Law

Executive LLM

Offered by Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and IE Law School, this program offers graduate legal education that combines the Anglo-American common law and its application in international practice with management fundamentals.

Learn more about the Executive LLM

Executive Education Programs

Our innovative executive education programs in the corporate area blend law and business and are taught by top professors and recognized international professionals in the corporate and business world. Discover our Executive Education programs, a space where professionals share their expertise and discuss solutions to the challenges faced every day.

Take a look at our Executive Education Programs in Corporate Law

Beyond the classroom

A renowned faculty in the field, a strong business approach and the combination of the latest theory with a hands-on business experience, are factors that allow Corporate and Business Law to transcend and come to life at IE Law School. Our goal is not only to teach students to lead in the rapidly changing international business environment, but also to inspire them to shape how the law is practiced in an increasingly global and complex marketplace.

Start a career in business and corporate law

Today, lawyers specializing in this area are one of the most demanded profiles. At IE Law School we allow students to create the foundation upon which a career as a corporate lawyer may be most effectively constructed.

The lawyer specializing in Corporate and Business Law must know the strategic business decision behind each and every transaction, the client’s motivations and how to negotiate and reach agreements with the other parties involved in order to advise and design the appropriate ad hoc business structure or transaction. By knowing all these cross-cutting subjects and abilities, the student becomes one of the most demanded profiles by international recruiters.


IE Law School has numerous corporate partners and collaborates with different international corporations and law firms in order to provide a real life and hands-on experience in corporate law to our law students.

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Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair for Commercial Law

The Pérez-Llorca /IE Chair for Commercial Law is devoted to applied research and publishing in the area of commercial law with a focus on legal practice in an international context.

Find out more about Pérez-Llorca Chair

José María Cervelló Chair

This Chair is mainly focused on encouraging debate and spreading legal knowledge, developing research projects, and promoting dialogue on current legal topics between professionals in the sector.

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