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The new age of Compliance

Corporate compliance not only takes on the responsibility of ensuring that companies meet the dynamic and complex regulations imposed upon them by various governing bodies… it goes beyond.

The world has witnessed how a lack of a compliance program can be devastating for corporations worldwide. In the last decade, and more so in most recent years, the wake of corporate scandals and complex privacy and cybersecurity matters, has driven lawmakers to pass an increasing number of regulations which must be complied by corporations around the world. As a result, ensuring compliance with local and international laws has become increasingly important for companies who are seeing increased value in investing in strong compliance programs.

Professionals in the sector, from in-house counsel to compliance and HR officers in a wide range of industries, find it essential to develop an efficient compliance program introducing effective legal risk management processes covering a wide range of areas, from antitrust to anti-corruption, and from employee protection to data protection and privacy.

Nonetheless, compliance officers today face many challenges. Not only is the pace of regulatory change and global expectations constantly changing, but also new technologies and analytics are becoming increasingly important, expanding the role of a Compliance Officer beyond regulatory and legal compliance to include a wider range of concerns such as ethical standards and sustainability.

Considering these challenges and opportunities in the sector, IE Law School offers Compliance programs in different formats for professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels; from an online or intensive executive program to Master in Global Corporate Compliance, a new program offered in Full-Time and Part-Time format, designed with the collaboration of NYU School of Law.

The importance of Compliance in a globalized world

In addition to keeping companies out of financial and political trouble, compliance officers today go beyond the rule book: they have the opportunity to make an impact. In this video, Maria Hernandez, Director of the Master in Corporate Global Compliance and Partner of the Department of Compliance in Eversheds Nicea, explains why Compliance is so important at every level.

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Importance of a sustainable compliance culture

The promotion of a sustainable compliance culture across the enterprise is a responsibility of the board of directors and the executive management, particularly, the chief compliance officer.

The board members are liable for ensuring that the company complies with the regulations, the laws, the internal policies and ethical principles.  Their tone at the top filters down the elements of a “good culture” through the layers of management and decision-makers. The code of conduct and the corporate shared values foster the alignment of business decisions and plans towards a mature compliance culture. Where culture is favorable, behaviors are more desirable in terms of policy compliance, risk prevention, whistleblowing and accountability. Building a compliance culture is a process to prioritize risks and educate managers and employees to perform controls to manage those risks. Promoting the adherence to the objectives of the ethics and compliance program involves many activities, such as assigning accountability, strengthening monitoring controls and ensuring accessibility to legal advice.

16 Jan 2018


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23 Dec 2017


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Promoting Compliance in Higher Education

A pioneer in promoting compliance in higher education, IE Law School is active in global advocacy and training efforts in the matter.

10 Nov 2017



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20 Jun 2017


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22 Mar 2017



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Join Maria Hernandez, Academic Director of the Master in Global Corporate Compliance of IE Law School and Partner of the Compliance Department at ...

14 Mar 2017



% Firms expect an increase in the cost of compliance officers

Compliance programs offered at IE Law School

Programs in Corporate Compliance

Whether you are a professional or a recent graduate, find the program format that best suits your objectives and become the next compliance officer.

Master in Global Corporate Compliance (LLM)

This program, offered in a part-time and full-time format, is structured to be a perfect combination of compliance disciplines and business skills required in a corporate environment while applying the most sophisticated IT compliance solutions.

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Advanced Compliance Program

Through this Program participants will gain a deep knowledge and a practical vision of the matters currently covered by Compliance.

Take a look at the advanced compliance program

Intensive Compliance Program

In this executive program participants can especialize to be the next compliance officer while gaining practical and multidisciplinary vision of Compliance.

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This program provides students a broad understanding of Compliance thanks to the experiences and knowledge shared by an exceptional and diverse faculty.

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Looking for impact? Pursue a career in Compliance

A career in Compliance offers many ways to make an impact on corporations and society.

Today the role of the Compliance Officer (CO) has become critical and the size of the global compliance market has predicted growth in all regions. The forecasted development in the market will have a direct impact on the number of jobs in compliance and will certainly increase the number of newly created in-house compliance roles.

In the age of globalization, Compliance Officers play an increasingly vital role in international business and today’s corporate compliance officers are being confronted with a brand new set of challenges—and a valuable opportunity to make an impact in the world.

If you decide to be the next compliance officer, these are some of the job titles you will encounter along the way:

  • Compliance Officer
  • Ethics Program Specialist
  • Compliance Analyst, Corporate-Regulatory Compliance
  • Security and Compliance Manager
  • Legal Specialist
  • Corporate Risk
  • Audit & Compliance Coordinator
  • Analyst – Ethics & Compliance

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