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Law, Politics and Economics

The intersection of law with politics and economics will challenge students to explore how these key disciplines interact in today’s society and how they shape the current global environment.

Since their inception, more than 30 years ago, one of the characteristics of our programs has always been their interdisciplinary nature, meaning that they are not only limited to the teaching of Law, but they also include modules in Economics and Business Management. This feature of our Master’s programs has not only been extended to our Bachelor’s programs but has gone beyond. In fact, through the new degree in Politics, Law and Economics, in which not only IE Law School is engaged, but also IE Business School and IE School of International Relations, join efforts to make this innovative program a reality. This way excellence is sought with a plural and diverse faculty of teachers, providing a broad and nuanced view of reality.

The humanistic and interdisciplinary approach, which is an essential element of IE, brings depth to the understanding of the Law, since legal rules always follow political or economic dynamics, and often both. This feature allows transcending the study of the norm to penetrate the purposes that are sought, acquiring thereby a critical awareness and explaining the evolution of law in time and space.

In countries of continental Europe, we are familiar with a rigid division of university degrees and the studies needed to obtain them. This doesn’t happen in English-speaking countries, nor it responds to a university tradition. At IE we try to overcome this stiffness, extending the teaching perspective and also satisfying the interests of many candidates who want to widen their training possibilities and their vision of the world.

The area of interest devoted to Law, Politics, and Economics presents, therefore, a great wealth of contents that IE Law School wants to make available to our students.

Programs in Politics, Law and Economics

The humanistic and interdisciplinary approach, which is an essential element of IE Law School, is projected on our programs, thus contributing to a global and general education.

Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics

This innovative degree prepares a new generation of analytical and strategic professionals who will shape the future of governments, societies, and organizations globally.

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Programs in Management

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

By providing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary training, which incorporates economics and immersive experiences, the LLM prepares lawyers to understand how the world works.

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A multidisciplinary approach to legal education, along with the knowledge and skills gained during your time at IE Law School, will allow you to forge a successful career.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the blend of Law, Politics and Economics included in the syllabus, graduates become analytical problem-solvers and critical thinkers who are passionate about going beyond, blurring frontiers between disciplines and understanding how they interact with each other in a global context. With this multidisciplinary approach, students enter the professional world equipped with the necesarry knowledge and skills to handle multifaceted jobs in their chosen fields.

Possible jobs include careers as a global policy-maker, a global finance or macroeconomics consultant, a leader in a non-profit global organization or a specialized journalist, amongst others. If students have a special interest in the public sector, the study in the intersection of these disciplines can open up a career in the diplomatic service, foreign affairs or public service, just to name a few.

Law, Politics & Economics: Transcending the legal frontier

By integrating knowledge and hands-on practice in law, politics and economics, students develop a deep understanding of the dynamics that rule the relations between these three fields, empowering a new generation of lawyers to lead change and make an impact in a globalized world. Learn more about this applied and multidisciplinary degree.

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