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The discussion on the applicability of artificial intelligence to the law (drafting, implementing, practicing, applying, researching, teaching) is almost 40 years old. Until recently, it remained mainly confined to the world of academia. Not anymore.

The massive improvements in computer processing power, an increasing competition within the legal sector, the digitalization of the economy and the arrival of younger generations of digital native professionals, are all factors that lead to the disruption in the legal sector.

This disruption not only impacts lawyers, law firms, public powers (legislative, executive and judiciary) and citizens but has a direct effect on legal education and the way it is taught and learned.

Technology today allows legal professionals to go beyond the legal sphere; it allows them to do their work more efficiently and provides opportunities for disruptive innovators to create value by doing things differently. This new reality demands a new breed of lawyers who can adapt to this new paradigm, understand the application of technology and the impact it has in the legal sphere.

IE Law School recognizes the massive challenges involved as well as the enormous opportunities that lie ahead to harness the power of technology to improve legal education, legal practice, and legal systems. This revolution calls for critical analysis of the potential and limitations of technology as it impacts the law.

To succeed lawyers must be customer oriented, well-versed in management and strategy, tech-savvy and innovative, skills that law schools traditionally don´t offer their students. At IE Law School, we not only offer our community a unique way of approaching the law but we also find the answers and rise to the challenges and opportunities we encounter in this new legal landscape every day.

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Spotahome, a startup co-founded by IE Law alumni, adquires Erasmusu and establishes the first European Proptech holding company

Spotahome co-founder and CEO Alejandro Artacho continues to expand and position the Madrid-based startup as the go-to resource for mid to long-term accommodations: after raising €13.6 million in Series A funding late last year, the "proptech company" has made its first acquisition, leading to the establishment of the first European proptech holding company

The acquisition of Erasmusu, an international student community, will add up to 70,000+ more properties to Spotahome´s rental inventory, and allow access to what co-founder and CEO Alejandro Artacho says is “the largest network of Erasmus students in Europe”.

The newly-formed Spotahome Group — the first PropTech holding which points to more acquisitions in the not-so-distant future — now offers more than 115,000 flats, houses, rooms and student residences in 450 cities across 65 countries. Artacho told TechCrunch that Spotahome o has a much broader user base now with 0.5m active users and 3m visits per month, whilst the new combined entity employs over 235 staff.

The founder of the startup, who has recently been awarded a CEO Today Europe Awards 2018, says that the company aims to solve the problem of how to find mid to long-term accommodation online, including negating in-person viewing for the tenant.

11 May 2018


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Smart Laws for Smart Cities

There is a growing consciousness for the application of a smart city agenda in the modern governance. How can governance ensure that the function of ...

30 Apr 2018


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Students Experience

The startup EasyLaw wins the first Legaltech Venture Day at Singapore

Earlier this month, Easylaw, a startup that makes law efficient, affordable and simple, won the first Legaltech Venture Day at TechLaw.Fest in ...

20 Apr 2018


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Disruptive Tech Week: Food for Thought on AI and Cybersecurity

From self-driving cars to robots, modern technology was envisioned in films long before it became reality. During the Disruption Tech Week, a week of ...

19 Apr 2018


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What is ‘Big Data’? And why should I care?

If you’re reading this on your laptop or on your phone, take a second to double check that your wifi is on and you’re not wasting data. Now, is ...

13 Apr 2018


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How IE Law School´s new initiative will lead legal innovation in Spain

IE Law School is leading innovation in the sector with a new initiative that will accelerate the development of technological solutions to address ...

03 Apr 2018


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Programs in Legaltech & Entrepreneurship

Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate wanting to explore legaltech, find the program format that best suits your career objectives.

Master in Legal Tech

This cutting-edge program is designed to empower lawyers to think outside the box and provides complete academic and professional training in law and technology at IE Law School in Madrid, IDC Radzyner Law School in Israel and Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Learn more about this program


If you are thinking on practicing law in Spain, this program aimed at young lawyers looking to develop a professional career in companies, offices and projects in the technological, innovative or startup field.

Learn more about this program

Legal Bridge to Silicon Valley

This 5-day program taking place in Silicon Valley is designed to teach best business & legal practices to lawyers and entrepreneurs, to meet current and future challenges as a team.

Learn more about this executive program


This intensive program is intended to help lawyers develop the perspectives and skills necessary to advance in their careers and be effective law firm leaders. The Lawyers Management Program will provide participants a profound understanding of the rapidly changing legal landscape and the necessary tools and knowledge on legal tech and legal design, needed to drive change in the sector.

Learn more about this executive program

Startup Lawyer

This program is designed to respond to the challenges legal counselors face in the new digital and global economy. Students will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to advise start-ups, entrepreneurs, investment banks, accelerators, etc.

Know more about this program

Legal Tech & Startups MOOC

Our Legal Tech & Startups MOOC offered in Coursera and imparted by Marti Manent, prepares students to launch a startup in the legal tech industry. This online program offers “project-based” courses and hands-on exercises, encouraging participants to put into practice what they learned online.

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• Inserting digital skills and entrepreneurship across all our programmes, in cooperation with the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.

• Creating specific tracks in technology and entrepreneurship for those students that want to go beyond the basics in order to lead the digital transformation of the sector.

• Launching entirely new, unique and very innovative programmes in legaltech, for interested professionals who want to transform the sector from within.


• A vertical within the Innovation Farms at IE, the IE Legaltech Innovation Farm, works closely with corporations and law firms to help them address the challenges generated by technology in order to attract top talent and transform the ways in which they generate value for clients.

• IE Law School hosts the Secretariat of the Expansion Awards to excellence in legal practice, designing the award categories and the criteria to evaluate the candidates. IE participates in the Jury, composed by preeminent jurists from Spain. One category focuses precisely on innovation in the legal sector, and another one on entrepreneurship.

• IE Law School leaders are active and participate in conferences, seminars and roundtables discussing the impacts of technology in the legal world.


IE Law School hosts the presidency of the Law Schools Global League. In this context, it has designed and executed LAWARDS, a new award on tech-based innovation in the legal sector to recognize outstanding entrepreneurs that have devised solutions to improve access to justice, with a particular focus in developing countries. Also within the LSGL, IE Law School is involved on research in the legal implications of emerging technologies, and a book has been published by Edward Elgar capturing the work done by the working group on technology and the law.

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