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Management for lawyers

A sound management: the key to professional practice

At IE Law School we go beyond and focus our efforts so that our students master management, and become versatile legal experts with cross-cutting managerial skills.


From the internal standpoint, knowledge and managerial skills are important to develop a good strategy, to become aware of new business models and to learn how to manage human resources and materials in order to meet the established objectives. Against this backdrop, work organization, team development, Legal Project Management, leadership, negotiation, communication, and persuasion, are key skills needed to succeed in the sector.

On the other hand, and from an external management perspective, knowing and understanding clients needs is essential to be competitive. The management of expectations, loyalty programs, communication techniques, marketing of legal services, brand management, and a clear commercial vision, are valuable competences that set a legal professional apart.
From our law degrees, through our Masters and to our higher education programs, IE Law School is committed to training cross-cutting 21st-century lawyers, who stand out and will achieve professional success, not only for their sound legal knowledge but also for their excellent managerial skills.

IE Law School is known its strong focus on management, which is achieved through our specialized Executive Education programs. We have an excellent faculty composed of internationally recognized professors and professionals who work through different programs to train professionals to develop a powerful set of managerial skills and a strong business vision.

Executive Programs in Management

If you are looking to update your knowledge and specialize in management for lawyers, we offer programs in different formats and languages aimed at lawyers and professionals.
Lawyers Management Program Para Latinoamerica

Lawyers’ Management Program para Latinoamérica

This 5-day, face-to-face program takes place in Miami, and is aimed at the directors of legal departments and law firm partners. This program brings together internationally acclaimed experts to discuss how organizations and lawyers can face the changes within the Latin American legal market. Comprised of theory-based sessions and hands-on workshops, the program encourages students to participate and form close bonds with fellow classmates.

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Legal Project Management presencial

In this program, participants analyze and utilize tools for large-scale project management within the legal field. Using a highly interactive approach, students are encouraged to develop their initiative and leadership skills by applying their professional experiences when resolving real-world cases and sharing them in class. The department is made up of distinguished speakers in their fields, whilst we ensure a successful dynamic in the classroom by carefully selecting the right profiles.

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Legal Project Management online

Success stories from law firms and companies that have applied project management techniques to large-scale projects in the legal sector have demonstrated the ability to become more competitive in delivering legal services to clients. Using these tools adds value to organizations across sectors. In keeping with the disruptive spirit of IE, this program is taught in a unique, virtual setting via the Wow Room.

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The 21st Century Lawyer

Today, lawyers need to develop skills that go beyond the legal know-how. Soft skills and competencies in project management, strategy, human resources, marketing and communication, persuasive and negotiating skills, and innovation are, among others, essential to achieve a successful career. At IE Law School, our students and legal community will find a space to learn, develop and share these competencies, thanks to our broad network and cooperation with the renowned schools that are part of IE, such as IE Business School and the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.