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Global Legaltech Venture Day´s took off in Turin where SlidingLife won the first regional startup competition


Lawbotica, ClearBox, Legolex, Ecomate, and SlidingLife competed last July in the first arm of the Global Legaltech Venture Days in Turin. After an intense competition, SlidingLife, a platform and application helping people involved in divorce, won and moves to the final competition in Madrid.

With the aim of connecting and fostering the legaltech and entrepreneurial global ecosystem, IE Law School, Ontier and Law School’s Global League (LGSL), have launched the second annual Global Legaltech Venture Days, which started in Turin during the Law School´s Global League Annual Conference in July. This global competition of legaltech startups is focused on developing technological solutions to help law firms and the industry and thus improve access to justice.

“ Building a global conversation around these shared technologies, as well as what different regions may be able to offer one another, is what this global startup competition want to to offer.

The event in Turin started with an opening speech by  Gonçalo Matias, Dean of Católica Global School of Law y Co-President of the Law Schools Global League along with Amnon Lehavi, Dean of  Harry Radzyner Law School and Javier De Cendra.

The opening was followed a debate around the practical application of legaltech and how new and disruptive technologies are changing the practice of law. The panel, moderated by Serena Quattrocolo, Professor at the University of Turin, was composed by experts in the field:  Alessandro Renna, CEO of presso 4cLegal, James Speta, Vicedean of  Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and Raffaele Battaglini, Founder of Battaglini-De Sabato.


After the panel, the five previously selected startups gave their pitches before the audience and a jury composed by investors, experts in the field and academics.


About the 5 finalist startups

Lawbotica is a legal marketplace app that helps people and companies find the best lawyer for their case by gathering all the data extracted from thousands of court’s decisions through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

ClearBox focuses on GDPR compliance and uses AI models to be compliant to privacy laws like GDPR. ClearBox uses an explanation engine not only to assist in recognizing the reason but also provides helpful insights into what the customer needs to do to avail the loan and a favorable interest.

Legolex is a legal marketplace that serves as an exclusive Legal Network of top business law firms. Legolex is compromised with full transparency and lower costs for clients and lawyers, improving access for law firms of all sizes through legal technologies.

Ecomate, uses an algorithm, ran with a crowdsourcing approach, which guides European small-medium companies to financial growth, while generating a positive social and environmental impact.

Slidinglife, won the title to best startup in this first stop of the Global Legaltech Venture Days. SlidingLife provides a national list of professionals, useful for people involved in a divorce. Their platform, that serves as a specialized marketplace, can find the best professionals to help individuals in the divorce process, from psychologists to lawyers. This app can also buy divorce documents from the Court. Among other things, SlidingLife uses AI software to predict the outcome of the divorce case in the court.



The founders of Sliding Life, winners of the Legaltech Venture Day Turin.