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How to drive long-term success with the Executive LL.M.

Executive LLM | IE Law School

The dynamic of today’s marketplace has completely transformed. Fast-paced change and increasingly complex global landscapes are now par for the course for top organizations. In this evolving environment, how do business lawyers stay ahead of the competition and provide solutions to multifaceted challenges?

IE Law School and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law have come together to crack the code of success, producing an Executive LL.M. that prepares ambitious professionals to become impactful business lawyers.

Our combined experience as institutions of excellence allows us to pinpoint the most pressing areas that allow even proven business lawyers to keep moving forward. Based on this, we take a holistic and highly flexible educational approach that stretches beyond borders, giving our students the tools to achieve sustained legal success in business environments.



It goes without saying that building your international network of leading professionals should be at the top of your list. For any modern professional, your personal brand goes hand-in-hand with your professional skill set. A large part of this means connecting with other key players in your field to open up new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

In the Executive LL.M., you will have access to some of the most successful global experts in business law. Thanks to the combined network of IE Law School and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, you have a professional pool of thousands of individuals to connect with. What’s more, as part of the program takes place in Madrid and Chicago, you’ll have the opportunity to personally interact with these dynamic, like-minded change-makers.


The one-size-fits-all degrees of the past belong exactly there – in the past. The fact is, flexibility is key to drive personal and professional growth. You need to make sure your education works for you, providing you with the tools you really need to move forward, without derailing the success you’ve enjoyed so far.

Between both the Chicago and Madrid campuses, you spend a total of seven weeks on the ground during the Executive LL.M. The rest takes place online, on your terms. This provides the perfect balance where you forge lasting connections and engage in dynamic, in-person education, while also giving you the freedom to continue on your career trajectory and achieve current professional goals.



You need to be sure the course content fits with your professional ambitions, and is both detailed enough and extensive enough to help you get there. With unprecedented levels of globalization, business lawyers need to be experts in a broad range of issues, and understand legal norms across jurisdictions.

The international focus of the Executive LL.M. covers a range of topics from contracts & antitrust, international taxation, the Anglo-American legal system – and everything in between. Led by proven professionals on both sides of the Atlantic, you’ll benefit from the truly international expertise of dynamic educators.

Becoming a professional of lasting impact in our ever-changing world is no easy task.

These are a few of the most important areas you should focus on when choosing a master’s program in order to ensure that your education empowers you to achieve your goals.

If you would like more in-depth insight into how the Executive LL.M. can help you reach new professional heights, contact us today!



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