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How to become a global player in the complex world of corporate compliance

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The global marketplace has created an intricate, international web of regulation requirements. The most future-forward companies know that in order to comply with regulation and compete on a global scale, they will need to hire innovative legal professionals to their compliance teams to successfully tackle regulatory challenges. That’s where IE’s Master in Global Corporate Compliance comes in.

This program—taught at IE Law School in Madrid with a one-week experience at the prestigious NYU School of Law in New York City—prepares students to make an impact in compliance, ethics, and regulation in any sector or industry across the globe.

Students not only acquire a holistic vision of the compliance sector in this program, but they also study an MBA module, allowing them to obtain key knowledge about the fundamentals of business management and strategy. Working hands-on with some of the best international legal minds, students are inspired to become the innovative, global thinkers needed to help companies comply with regulation while excelling and gaining strength throughout the process.



To become a top player in our globalized world, compliance officers need to stand at the intersection of law, business, ethics, compliance, and technology. The Master in Global Corporate Compliance allows students to dive deep into macro-juridical frameworks; business ethics and corporate social responsibility; compliance and business strategy across sectors; and the latest legal technology to make an innovative impact.

Students in this program gain a holistic foundation in the compliance sector along with the interdisciplinary skills and technical knowledge needed to fill the most exciting positions in compliance and foster positive change on an international scale.


To be ready for the game, you’ve got to jump in and practice. Students in this program get their hands dirty from the get-go. And by the end of the program, they are equipped with real-world experience.

A practical teaching methodology based on case studies, roleplay, class simulations, and debates, combined with live compliance seminars led by top international professionals, gives students the chance to apply their new skills to real-world problems.

Meanwhile, complex practical challenges, the opportunity to intern in the compliance departments of top global companies, and an intensive module at New York University School of Law in New York City, only add to the global experience the program offers. Students come out of the program ready to take on the competition by staying one step ahead, which in turn, adds real value to international corporations.



The Master in Global Corporate Compliance is offered in two formats, allowing students to reach their goals regardless of their schedules.

The part-time format is designed specifically for busy professionals, looking to combine online learning with intensive in-person sessions. The full-time program allows ambitious recent graduates or young professionals to immerse themselves in an intensive 10-month program in Madrid. Both the full- and part-time formats give students access to world-class faculty, global content, and enriching experiences.

This cutting-edge program with content focused on the latest trends and hands-on learning—offered in a flexible format—allows students to shape their own learning journey for maximum impact. Students come out of the Master in Global Corporate Compliance as international powerhouses in the complex world of corporate compliance.

Make an impact and become an innovative professional in the world of corporate compliance.

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