Challenges and trends for the XXI century lawyer

The International Bar Association (IBA) Young Lawyers´ Committee has partnered with IE Law School to launch a Young Lawyers´ Training Course on “The Fundamentals of International Legal Business Practice: Challenges and Trends for the XXI Century Lawyer”. In this daylong conference taking place March 15 at IE Law School, legal professionals will have the opportunity to envision the future of legal practice and embrace technology and new skills that will help them meet the demands of their clients and thrive in an increasingly competitive legal marketplace.

In the XXI century, simply ‘knowing the law’ is not enough. The future lawyer must augment core legal knowledge with other skills like understanding technology’s application to and impact on the delivery of legal services, management and business knowledge, an understanding of the global legal marketplace and cultural awareness for what has become a global profession.

In this context, the Young Lawyer Training Course will gather professionals, lawyers, law students and experts in an event where participants will be able to understand, debate and enhance the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the new global economy.

The Young Lawyer Training Programme will consist of the following three panels on leading trends that are reshaping the legal industry:


Legal Tech: a multidisciplinary approach

Technology is recasting how, for whom, with whom, and on what terms many lawyers will work.  In short, technology is changing the legal culture and what it means to be lawyer today. Javier de Cendra, Dean of IE Law School and Vice-Chair of the Health and Safety Law Committee, will be moderating a panel on legaltech, cybersecurity and Blockchain. Blockchain Guru, Alex Preukschat, Alejandro Touriño, Managing Partner of ECIJA Law Firm, Marti Manent, CEO or &, Javier Pinillos, Information Security Manager of FCC will be discussing how the advances in technology are shaping the new legal landscape.


Developing Leadership and Management Skills for Lawyers

The remarkable advances in technology, globalization, and the aftermath of the global financial crisis have radically transformed the legal ecosystem and the delivery of legal services, which is shifting towards a more client-centric, technology and management based, collaborative and global delivery model. It’s a time of great opportunity for future lawyers to recreate the legal marketplace. In this panel, moderated by Soledad Atienza, Vice Dean for International Relations of IE Law School, experts on leadership and management in the legal market will talk about this new model. Marisa Méndez, legal consultant, Carlos Pallero, founder & director, Mente Colectiva, and Lloyd Stephenson from Ashurst, London, will speak about leadership and management in a global law firm.


The Contribution of the Legal Profession and Legal Clinics to Society

Lawyers contribute greatly to the fairness and justice of our society through their work, and this is the purpose of legal clinics, which provides students with the foundational skills, judgment, and values necessary to engage in the practice of law. In the legal clinics, students see firsthand the lack of access to justice and legal gaps that exist in today's society. Conversely, they also see the beauty of providing top-notch legal services. This panel will offer participants a view of how clinics help shape the lawyers of tomorrow and how this experience pushes the law and the practice of law in ways that create meaningful change.

Ignacio Domínguez from Latham & Watkins will be moderating a panel consisting of James Moliterno, Vincent Bradford Professor of Law, Washington & Lee University, Caryn Voland Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs at Georgetown University Law Center, Sara Sánchez Professor, IE Law School y Co-director of the IE Law School legal clinic, and Carmen Pombo, Chief Executive, Fernando Pombo Foundation.

If you are interested in attending the event, please sign up here!