The startup EasyLaw wins the first Legaltech Venture Day at Singapore

Earlier this month, Easylaw, a startup that makes law efficient, affordable and simple, won the first Legaltech Venture Day at TechLaw.Fest in Singapore.

On April 5, the Law School´s Global League, with the support of Ontier, IE´s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, and the collaboration of South Summit, organized the first Legaltech Venture Day at TechLaw.Fest in Singapore. Competitors had ten minutes to present a business pitch and answer questions from a panel of judges, who deliberated and selected the winning startup. EasyLaw, a Malaysian startup that helps lawyers and property investors calculate legal fees, stamp duties and real property gains tax for property transactions, was crowned the winner.

EasyLaw allows lawyers and property investors save time and resources that can be allocated to further growth of businesses and other priorities. June Low, Founder of EasyLaw, explains: “The main feature is a tool to help lawyers and property investors calculate legal fees, stamp duties and real property gains tax for property transactions. Lawyers tend to do calculations manually, for example by using spreadsheets. Our app allows them to do the calculations faster, with just a few clicks. We also have a directory of commissioners for oaths. When used with your phone’s GPS, it can help you find commissioners for oaths nearest to you. Another handy feature is “Top 10 Malaysian Statutes”, which lawyers can use to quickly look up statutes wherever they are. The alternative is to carry physical books around. With EasyLaw, you have it on your phone”.

EasyApp, along with the winners of the Chicago and México Legaltech Venture Days that will take place on June 15 and June 20, will be invited to participate at the final Global Legal Tech Venture Day in Madrid in July. Finalists will present their projects to a mix of investors, government officials, business pioneers, and representatives of key industries and will have the opportunity to meet world-leading experts in their field and receive advice, insights and best practices.

Javier de Cendra, Dean of IE Law School, and Joaquin Muñoz, Head of IT&IP Law at ONTIER with June Low, Founder of EasyLaw,  and her team.

Through the Global Legatech Venture Days, IE Law School seeks to recognize and support disruptive innovators, such as EasyLaw, that have the ability to have a positive impact on major challenges faced by legal operators—whether private or public—as well as legal systems. Start-ups participating in this cutting-edge competition have the possibility to get plugged into real networking and investment opportunities that can push their projects to the next level while benefiting from the global network of  IE, ONTIER and LSGL, and from that of each member law school.

Moreover, IE Law School recognizes the massive challenges involved as well as the enormous opportunities that lie ahead to harness the power of technology to improve legal education, legal practice, and legal systems. Through our new programs and activities in legaltech we offer our community a unique way of approaching the law, rising to the challenges and opportunities we encounter in this new legal landscape every day.