Our Executive LL.M. program offers students the opportunity to practice law in the U.S.

Our Executive LL.M., offered with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, goes a step beyond and includes a course with the aim to make global practice a reality and offer students the opportunity to practice law in the U.S.

Committed with global legal education and creating international opportunities for our students, our graduates of the Executive LL.M. program may now qualify to take the California Bar Exam, whether qualified or not in their home countries and provided that they have a valid first-degree in law and meet all other requirements set by the Bar Association. While IE Law School does not guarantee bar exam eligibility to students in this program for any state, the California State Bar has notified Northwestern Law that the current Executive LL.M. will qualify a student to take the California Bar Exam.

Other LL.M. programs from the ABA-approved universities only allow their students to apply to the Bar if they are qualified as lawyers in their countries, we have included a course on Ethics and Professional Responsibility to the program enabling our students who are not qualified at their home country to be lawyers to apply for the California Bar.

The online, two-week elective will be taught by a professor from Northwestern University through forums and videos. It will provide our students with the necessary expertise to attain this prestigious certification.

About the course

The course, offered with the most innovative methodologies by Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, will focus on Legal Ethics and Principles of Conduct required for members of the legal profession in the state of California.

Graduates who are qualified lawyers at their home country can sit the California Bar Exam without this course if they meet the requirements of the Bar Association.

*Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements for more information on bar exam eligibility requirements for any state.

About the program

The Executive LL.M. program is a joint degree governed by two of the world’s leading law schools: Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and IE Law School. Since its launch in 2006, the Executive LL.M. is Europe’s pioneering LL.M. program for working lawyers, providing participants the opportunity to earn an LL.M. from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (an applicant without a first degree in law may be admitted as a candidate for the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree on proof of substantial work experience dealing with legal or regulatory matters) and a Certificate in Business Administration from IE Business School with little career interruption.