At the global forefront: Madrid and IE Law School named one of the top emerging lawtech hubs

Madrid joins London, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Singapore as a top-10 emerging lawtech scene.

Several leading publications, including The Law Society, have named Madrid as a leading lawtech hub and one of the emerging legaltech scenes on the global landscape. And IE Law School has been identified as a key actor in driving this growth thanks to its range of initiatives targeting legal innovation and technology.

IE Law School was one of the first institutions to offer a course in legal technology, and has established a competition—among a range of other exciting initiatives—to seek out the very best new legaltech organizations.

 Lawtech: a comparative analysis of legal technology in the UK and in other jurisdictions (The Law Society, November 2019)


IE Law School´s Initiatives

Master in LegalTech

IE Law School is one of the first global law schools to offer a master’s program dedicated to legaltech and innovation. The program responds to the need for lawyers and professionals to adapt to the changing landscape of the legal sector while empowering lawyers and entrepreneurs alike to harness the power of technology within the legal field. With strong links to the real commercial world, students have the unique opportunity to explore firsthand some of the challenges facing companies today by solving cases for Santander, Huawei and Google, to name a few.


Global Legaltech Venture Days

First launched in 2018, the Global Legaltech Venture Days connects the entrepreneurial and academic worlds to discover the most disruptive startups in the legal sector. Partnering with the Law Schools Global League and top global law schools, this startup competition travels the globe to discover the next generation of legaltech companies that are set to shake up the industry.

This year’s edition kicked off in Italy in July, and will conclude with the final competition in Spain in Spring 2020.


Legaltech Innovation Farm

The Legaltech Innovation Farm is an open space and an incubator for early-stage innovation and experimentation. The Legaltech Innovation farm offers legal and corporate leaders the opportunity to harness technology to bring their business ideas to life. Thanks to the farm’s dynamic ecosystem, which features engineers, tech partners and expert talent, participants can see their ideas transformed into prototype apps, tools and business models, all ready to be tested out and improved.



"IE Law School is one of a handful of law schools globally making an impact well beyond its walls, national borders, and alumni/ae bases. More law schools should become familiar with and emulate its thoughtfully pragmatic approach to the education and training of lawyers and allied legal professionals. Some key ingredients: marketplace alignment, a pedagogical approach at the intersection of law, business, and technology, inter-disciplinary approach, global perspective, and outreach to the legal, business, and tech communities," Mark Cohen, CEO of LegalMosaic, Forbes regular contributor, global legal thought leader 


Law & Robotics Jean Monnet Module 

The Jean Monnet module Liability of Robots: A European Vision for a New Legal Regime is devoted to teaching, researching and debating the EU’s plan of action for the regulation of the liability of robots. Focusing on establishing a European vision for a new legal regime, this module granted to IE Law School empowers thought-leaders and researchers to build up a framework to rival that of the US and China—the EU’s main competitors in the field of Artificial Intelligence.



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Legaltech module

The Legaltech module—which is offered in each program—exposes students to the most cutting-edge and disruptive concepts surrounding the use of technology in legal processes. What’s more, with renowned experts in new and emerging legal disciplines driving program development and participating in IE Law School initiatives, students have access to a wealth of real-world insights.


Executive Education Programs on Law & Innovation

Led by internationally renowned experts, these executive education programs match the latest legal technology with a practical, multidisciplinary approach, allowing participants to become future change-makers in legal technology. The programs extend from hacking exponential growth and exploring innovation for growth strategies, to data science bootcamps—where participants learn to harness the power of data to answer complex business questions. With connections to Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv and strong ties with global companies like Google, McKinsey and Amadeus, those who take part in these cutting-edge programs are best prepared to embrace technology and lead the way in the legal industry.