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Three startups to compete for incubator program in the Global Legaltech Venture Day final in Madrid

final global legaltech venture day

After celebrating three Legaltech Venture Days in Singapore, Chicago and Mexico, we are celebrating the final Global Legaltech Venture Day on July 25 as part of the 6th Law School’s Global League Anual Conference at IE Law School in Madrid.

The Global Legaltech Venture Day final prize consists of a program tailored to the winning start-up’s specific needs. The winners will work with IE and ONTIER up to 3 months (starting September 2018). During this time IE and ONTIER will help the team develop its product and/or adapt it to the legal market and carry out pilots with real users, allowing the winning team to align the product with the needs of the legal market and gain insights on matters that might not seem significant to tech founders.
Furthermore, the winning team will not only have access to all events hosted by Area 31 (IE’s long-standing entrepreneurship center) but also have access to investors, leading professionals and potential partners and customers.
The winning team will also acquire global exposure through Area 31’s and ONTIER’s external communications and have the opportunity to pitch on IE’s stage at South Summit, which leads to unparalleled opportunities.


The event

More than 60 startups from more than 10 countries have participated In the Global Legaltech Venture Days. Among them, only six per country were selected to present their startups to a panel of legal experts and investors. Esquify (Chicago), Lucius Report (Mexico) and EasyLaw (Singapore) have been the regional winners.

On July 25, the three winners will present their winning startup up before a final panel of judges: Javier de Cendra, President Law Schools Global League;  Pedro Rodero, Managing Partner at ONTIER; Liz Fleming, Principal Adara Ventures, Advisor at South Summit; Mario Brassesco, Venture Capitalist at Encomenda Smart Capital and Ignacio Longarte, Board/Advisory board member in EU Digital start-ups & investor.

After the finalist startups present their projects, Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT Law at ONTIER will moderate a Panel on legaltech: What does the future of the legal industry look like? Eva Bruch, Partner and Founder AlterWork, Legal Innovator; Alejandro Touriño: IP/IT Lawyer, Managing partner at ECIJA, President IT Section at ICAM and Jorge Morell:  Founder Términos & Condiciones: Expert and Advisor in Legaltech, Legaltechies, will participate in the panel.

Finally, Javier de Cendra and Adolfo Suarez, Partner and International President of ONTIER, will announce the winner. 


The three finalists 

legaltech venture day start up competition ontier lsgl ie

Esquify: The winner of Chicago Legaltech Venture Day is and AI-Driven Workforce Management Platform for Legal Review. Esquify paired proprietary, virtual monitoring technology with realtime analytics to revolutionize the management of review teams, ease oversight pain points and streamline team performance and productivity. Simply,  the award-winning, machine learning technology vastly improves the human portion of document review and has been deployed successfully by top firms, Fortune 100 companies and leading eDiscovery managed service providers.


LUCIUS: Mexico winner Legaltech tool Lucius makes compliance easy by generating due diligence reports and 24/7 monitoring. This legaltech startup generates due diligence reports of individuals and corporations with activities in Mexico. Their proprietary technology monitors various national and international sources and delivers alerts for a timely analysis when such information changes, in real time.


EasyLawSingapore Winner EasyLaw, a Malaysian startup that helps lawyers and property investors calculate legal fees, stamp duties and real property gains tax for property transactions, allowing them to save time and resources that can be allocated to further growth of businesses and other priorities.