IE Law School and ELSA renew a long-standing collaboration

The continuation of a successful partnership
The European Law Students’ Association—an independent, nonprofit organization run by and for law graduates—sign on for a continued partnership.

The continuation of a successful partnership

IE Law School and the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) have signed an agreement to continue a long-standing collaboration that benefits students of law and young lawyers alike.

ELSA aims to develop international relationships between professionals and students in the legal field, preparing their members for a life of global professional practice by exchanging academic ideas and promoting mutual understanding and friendship under the principle of equality for all members.

Studying at IE Law School provides innovative legal education from a world-class faculty and a curriculum that prepares students to succeed at the intersection of law, technology and business. So the two institutions’ shared values of internationality, mutual understanding, intercultural cooperation and ongoing learning have come together harmoniously over several years. They will now continue to do so following the new agreement.

Both IE Law School and ELSA seek to maximize opportunity for the brightest legal minds regardless of other considerations. That’s why, as part of the agreement, scholarships of 30% are available to ELSA members. Furthermore, those applications will also receive special attention during the Admissions Process.

The continuation of a successful partnership

ELSA’s 70,000-strong membership is as diverse as IE Law School’s own community. In the shared belief that a mixture of perspectives drawn from a wide range of cultures offers a broader and more complete understanding of law, this latest extension of a successful, long-term partnership will continue to build on the achievements that have already come out of it.

Styliani Roussou is one such success story. “The international spirit of ELSA helped me develop my personal, professional and soft skills by implying creativity in a professional legal environment,” she told us. “I didn’t know before I started at IE University that the approach is to take you from the academic to the professional level. The hours you spend with your team can teach you how to manage stressful situations, unpredictable events and short deadlines. But also how to interact with fellow international students from different professional and academic backgrounds.”

Styliani sums up the success of the collaboration to date, and the inspiration behind it, perfectly. IE Law School and ELSA are delighted to continue working together and look forward to more years of helping the brightest legal minds around the world.