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How IE Law School prepares tomorrow’s greatest leaders in global law


Our law students are part of a vibrant, global and diverse community, and have access to infinite learning opportunities throughout their studies.

The Bachelor in Laws offered by IE Law School sets students up for success by teaching them how to navigate private- and public-sector law through a global mindset. With a strong focus in comparative law and an international outlook, the Bachelor of Laws provides students the tools and networks needed for success.

Our mission is to help students put theory into practice and to go beyond. In order to achieve this, we provide students a unique academic journey that includes access to numerous learning opportunities, a multidisciplinary approach and networking activities that range from numerous seminars and conferences to internships at top law firms.

These are some of the highlights of our student experience.


Learn from the leading specialists in global law

At IE Law School, learning takes place both in and outside the classroom. By bringing in world-renowned specialists to host lectures, events and conferences centering on topics relevant to the ever-changing world of law, we take a hands-on approach to education. The access to the expertise of leading lawmakers from around the world we provide is unparalleled.

“I am so impressed by how high IE students set the bar. They are not only living, walking and breathing examples of cultural competency, of what students and the profession of tomorrow is going to look like, but they are just beyond hard working, super creative and a delight to work with as a professor and professional,” Erika Pagano (LWOW)


Training tomorrows leading lawyers

In our Bachelor of Laws program, our priority is to prepare students to practice law in a global setting and to lead change through the law. IE is constantly collaborating with leading institutions and top programs from around the world in order to allow our students to graduate with strong foundations in leadership, teamwork, business, a global mindset and project management.

Through international, collaborative programs – such as Law Without Walls – students are encouraged to approach the law in a more collaborative and creative way. LWOW transforms the way that students, lawyers and business professionals around the globe partner to collaborate and problem solve. Through this program, LWOW trains new law and business talent, to transform the way that current lawyers and business professionals are working, and to create implementable solutions at the intersection of law, business, and technology that reinvigorate the legal market. Through programs like LWOW, we provide students all the resources, networks and opportunities to practice law anywhere in the world after the completion of their studies.


A global setting

One of the greatest advantages of pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at IEU is our dual degree programs and the strong foundation out students receive in comparative law thanks to our internationally recognized faculty. During the fourth year, students have the opportunity to study law at any of our partner institutions.

Our partnerships with the University of Law (UK) and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (US) allow students to study at either institution, and obtain an additional degree prior to completing the IE degree in Spain. After graduation, students are prepared to tackle most any transnational issue, and represent marketable candidates to any major firm or organization in either the UK or the US.

If you decide to obtain only a Bachelor of Laws from IE, our internship and semester exchange opportunities around the globe provide global opportunities to network and expand your horizons as a 21st century lawyer.

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