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IE Law School unveils a pioneering training program for newly hired lawyers at EY, KPMG and PwC

IE Law School unveils a pioneering training program

IE University Law School has created an innovative training program for recently hired lawyers by the legal and tax departments of EY, KPMG and PwC. This pioneering new program will last for two years and comprise a series of core courses and electives directed at developing participating lawyers’ professional talent.

IE Law School unveils a pioneering training program

Designed for junior professionals, it will provide top-level training in corporate law, business administration and skills. The program will be taught in hybrid format through a combination of virtual and in-person classes. Moreover, it will apply IE University’s Liquid Learning model, which offers students more flexibility and promotes active, collaborative, and personalized learning directed at solving real-world problems. This new program within IE University’s offering of innovative Liquid Learning options gives professionals access to top-notch higher education, adapted to their professional schedules and regardless of where they are.

During their first year, participants at the three legal firms will complete the corporate law component, obtaining certification from IE University Law School. This year of the program will also look closely at international business law. The subjects taught will cover creating and incorporating companies, their operations and their activities.

The program’s second year will consist of multidisciplinary training on business administration and business skills, allowing participating lawyers to deepen their knowledge by developing a global vision of clients’ economic, financial and business environments. In addition to legal training, participating lawyers will also receive complementary training allowing them to develop other essential skills through specific courses, such as Strategy and Innovation or Negotiation. After completing this five-month module, participants will receive a Business Administration Certificate from IE University Business School.

Once they have completed the program’s first and second years, participating lawyers will have the option of continuing their studies, applying the credits earned for the courses completed to the Máster Ejecutivo en Asesoría Jurídica de los Negocios (LL.M) program, which will allow them to deepen their knowledge of legal advising applied to business. This program offers students a thorough look at business law encompassing transformative changes in the legal industry and the impact of globalization, innovation and technology. It also teaches lawyers the technological skills and tools necessary to face current challenges.

“IE University Law School is extremely proud to be able to work with the legal and tax departments of three global professional services firms to train their junior lawyers,” says Soledad Atienza, dean of IE University Law School.

“PwC, EY, KPMG and IE University Law School are committed to offering lawyers international and multidisciplinary training through a unique program that applies innovative and flexible teaching methodologies.”

Soledad Atienza, Dean of IE University Law School

Joaquín Latorre, managing partner of PwC Tax & Legal, believes that “this program is yet another element to add to the broad selection of training programs that we provide to both our junior members and more experienced professionals. By launching it, we seek to fully develop their potential and give them the best tools and the skills necessary to make them leaders in the world of business law.”

IE Law School unveils a pioneering training program

Ramón Palacín, managing partner of EY Abogados in Spain, stresses that “EY’s purpose at the global level to ‘build a better working world.’” He goes on to say that “an initiative of this type contributes to dynamically training our young professionals, not only in the world of law but also in many other aspects of business. Moreover, it offers training that is in line with the professional reality, and which offers in-depth development of other types of skills. All of this makes it an excellent way to train professionals so that they can successfully overcome the challenges of today’s world, thus making it the best way of contributing to our firm’s global purpose.”

On the other hand, Alberto Estrelles says that “KPMG is dedicated to training professionals that are leaders in their fields. This partnership is proof of that commitment. We can only be the best if our teams are the best. In a globalized and constantly changing world, it is essential to have training in technology and other skills of the right quality to meet our clients’ expectations of excellence. This program, designed in collaboration with IE University Law School, will undoubtedly contribute to developing more advanced skills and knowledge among our professionals. These will enable them to successfully advance their careers at our firm, allowing them to offer top-quality services to our clients.”