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IE Law School will be attending the Legal Geek Conference in London

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At IE Law School we are excited and very much looking forward to being part of this vibrant and global legaltech startup community that is dedicated to changing the legal profession by inspiring, connecting and educating.

Compared to ‘law’s Woodstock’ by Mark Cohen, a regular contributor of Forbes, CEO of Legal Mosaic and Professor of our Master in Legaltech, the Legal Geek Conference which will be celebrated in London on October 16th awakes a shared feeling of community that transcends geography, generation, gender, ethnicity, training and financial status. “Lawyers, technologists, financiers, entrepreneurs, students, academics, and pundits mingled freely and animatedly, joined by a sense that the legal industry is changing and that this is their time”, says Mark Cohen in his article.

As well as Legal Geek, IE Law School shares the vision and goal of connecting and boosting the legaltech startup ecosystem around the world and providing resources to help them thrive. Our Global Legaltech Venture Days, which will be celebrated in seven countries around the world — Turin, Sao Paolo, London, Sidney, New Delhi, Cape Town and Tilburg– aim to connect more than 200 legal tech startups from different regions with entrepreneurs, investors and a global legaltech community. With this same objective, IE Law School has also launched a Master in Legaltech, a cutting-edge program designed to empower lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse backgrounds, to think outside the box, explore and harness the power of technology in the sector.

The legaltech revolution is now and only those who may adapt themselves to changes will lead the way.

“Legaltech entrepreneurship is acquiring a global dimension, in which entrepreneurs quickly aim to connect with global movements or networks, such as Legal Geeks, Legal Hackers (collaborators of the Global Legaltech Venture Day) or World Justice Project, and seek worldwide exposure in specialized media to attract potential investors and customers. On the one hand, this is possible because most of the problems that these companies seek to solve with their products are similar in many jurisdictions, and therefore it is feasible to find inspiration, talent, and even investors in other countries.  Furthermore, digital transformation of the legal industry is expanding globally at such speed that it is becoming increasingly attractive for investors and/or global platforms seeking to compete in domestic markets through the acquisition of startups”, says  Javier de Cendra, Dean of IE Law School.


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