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IE Law School and ONTIER deliver the 11th José María Cervelló award of Business Law


"Thanks to the scholarships granted by the Chair José María Cervelló, more than 50 students were able to fulfill their dream", said the Director of the Chair Pilar Galeote at the award ceremony.

On Wednesday, July 5, the eleventh gala of the José María Cervelló Award for Business Law was held. The subject of this eleventh edition of the Prize was “Brexit: Legal Consequences of the Departure of the UK from the EU for companies”.

The award, convened by the IE Law School and ONTIER, consists of an economic grant of 30,000 euros and aims to encourage the study of law and legal research. Of these, 10,000 euros were awarded to the author of winning work of this year, Alberto Escobar Rivas. The remaining 20,000 euros will finance exceptional law students that lack the necessary financial resources to fulfill a Master Program at IE Law School.

Alberto Escobar was president of the Debate Club Compostela. He is currently undergoing a Master of Law (Magister Juris) at the Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford.

“It has been a tremendously enriching experience because I had the opportunity to investigate and analyze this topic in depth. Thanks to this award, I have the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a state attorney,” said Alberto Escobar in an emotional speech in which he highlighted the importance of arts and humanities in the legal profession. “This paradigm is seen in the figure of José María Cervelló, who devoted himself to art in all its forms. I believe that, in addition to the teaching of law, it is essential to instill values to the future generations of lawyers, and that is what IE does,” said the winner of the eleventh prize.


“The José María Cervelló Chair is a wonderful social project that changed the lives of 50 people,” said Pilar Galeote, Director of the Chair José María Cervelló

María del Pilar Galeote, Director of the Chair and Professor at IE Law School and IE Business School, highlighted the impact that this Chair has on the lives of many law students.

“The José María Cervelló Chair is a wonderful social project that changed the lives of 50 people and an initiative that makes us reconsider the values society should aspire to,” said Pilar Galeote during the presentation of the ceremony. Subsequently, Luis María Diez-Picazo, President of the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Spain, shared his thoughts on Brexit and democracy.

ONTIER´s International president, Adolfo Suárez Illana, closed the ceremony reaffirming the importance of moral values in society: “Brexit is a consequence of a lack of values,” said Adolfo Suárez and concluded his speech stating the importance of transmitting values.

“IE Law School is known not only for its ability to transmit knowledge and values,” said Suárez Illana.

The Cervelló award honors the memory of José María Cervelló, an entrepreneur, and pioneer in the development of international law in Spain and the creator of the first legal programs of IE Law School.