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IE University Law School celebrated, for the first time in person, the second edition of the Comparative Law in Action Competition

Comparative Law in Action Challenge 2022 | IE Law School

For the first time, we had the pleasure of hosting the Comparative Law in Action competition in a face-to-face format at the IE Tower, where students and professors from 8 different universities travelled to compete and enjoy a unique experiential weekend.

At the beginning of this month, we had the pleasure of hosting the second edition of the Comparative Law in Action competition in a face-to-face format at the IE Tower, where students and professors from 8 different universities travelled to compete and enjoy a unique experiential weekend filled with activities organized by the IE Law School undergraduate programs’ team.

The Comparative Law in Action is a one-of-a-kind competition, tailor- made, to make every single edition unique and innovative. This competition brings together the power of technology, policy, and law into an interactive multimedia case study, with the goal of preparing students to face complex situations placing themselves in the shoes of tomorrows’ legal teams and find innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to today’s global issues.

“This competition is for students who want to make the most from their University experience, who want to go the extra mile and who understand the importance of building a diverse network and of course, who want to have fun” are the words of Vicedean Eugenia Castrillón.”

Through the course of nine weeks, students, together with their coaches/professors, had to study and prepare a legal report for a “real life inspired” fictional international social media company, “LoveNow”, that acts as matchmaker for its users through a digital app.

Students were asked to roleplay as external legal consultants for the social media company, that is facing a series of legal challenges, both informal and more formal, from users of the app and third parties. The case complex questions and issues related to private matters in this creative and immersive story.

On May 7th and 8th, members from Tilburg University, Maastricht University, Bocconi University, SciencesPo, University of Edinburgh, FGV Direito Rio, Bucerius Law School and of course IE University, gathered at the IE Tower in Madrid to celebrate the second edition of this competition.

IE Law School’s Dean Soledad Atienza and Vice Dean Eugenia Castrillón welcomed the teams on Saturday and inaugurated this year’s competition. Afterwards, students had the opportunity of enjoying two sessions about Networking and Presentation Skills with Professor Erika Pagano, while the coaches enjoyed a session on Leadership, Management and Motivation with Professor Balvider Singh Powar.

Later on, students were given some time to review and rehearse their presentations one last time before presenting it to the juries. The selected juries for this edition were Adjunct Professor Pedro Moreno de los Rios, Adjunct Professor at IE Law School and Managing Partner at Linklaters, Ceyhun Pehlivan; the General Counsel at PRISA Media, Javier Muñoz; and Adjunct Professor and Vice President & Associate General Counsel in HP Inc, Javier Ramirez Iglesias.

After two rounds of presentations on Saturday, two finalists were selected to continue among the 8 competing universities. These were SciencesPo and IE University. On Sunday morning, everyone gathered again at the IE Tower to celebrate the final round of presentations with the two selected finalists: SciencesPo Vs. IE University.

After the deliberation of the judges, Bucerius University was granted the “Best Memorandum” prize; Peter Pelzer from Maastricht University was granted the prize as “Best Orator”.

And the winner of the second edition of the Comparative Law in Action was earned by IE University.

In the words of Peter Pelzer,

“Going to Madrid for the Comparative Law in Action Challenge was great experience to top off the last months of my bachelor studies. Thanks again to the organizing team who bid us a warm welcome!

The case was quite a challenge since it touched on so many different areas of law. The setting in a consulting scenario also changed how we analyzed the case. Instead of focusing on specific claims like in a traditional moot court, we considered a broad range of possible scenarios, risks, and solutions. This was a new experience for everybody on my team.

It was even more rewarding to present our findings to the judges and to see our team grow together along the way. Finally, I enjoyed listening to the presentations of the two finalist teams and to learn how they approached the case. I wish I could have stayed in Madrid longer. I will certainly come back!”

We would like to thank all the participants for taking part of this experience and all the collaborating team from IE University Law School who made this competition possible: Andrea de Páramo, Andrew González, Argyri Panezi, Eliza Rose Mcnamara, Eugenia Castrillón, Madeline Mary Sañudo, María Mercedes Blanco, Natasha Sebreyan, Simrunjit Bans, Soledad Atienza, Tana Greer and Victoria Jaffer.

Bocconi University: 

  • Coaches: Marco Bassini and Giovanni De Gregorio.
  • Participants: Margherita Dematte, Filippo Liotta, Arianna Corno and Federico Calzia.

Bucerius Law School: 

  • Coaches: Christopher Bisping and Clifford Larsen.
  • Participants: Naomi Gabriela de Leon Muratalla, Sümeyya Erdem, Elene Kakhniashvili and Ana Flávia Sales Moreira.

FGV Direito Rio:

  • Coach: Bruna Diniz Franqueira.
  • Participants: Carolina Tostes, João Vitor Belmiro, Rafael Oliveira Lucas and Maria Julia Rosandiski.

IE University: 

  • Coach: Johanna Jacobson.
  • Participants: Tereza Rezabkova, Damián Pérez Taboada, Isabela Uribe, María del Rosario Vázquez Ruiz and Alessia Raven de la Fuente García.

Maastricht University: 

  • Coaches: Hellen van der Kroef and Sascha Hardt.
  • Participants: Anna Kudyk, Aleksandra Dymacz, Otso Karttunen, Peter Pelzer and Adrienne Maduro.


  • Coach: Beatriz Botero.
  • Participants: Gäelle Borruso,  Krystof Stupka, François Solis , Marissa Sterling and Hawa Diallo.

Tilburg University: 

  • Coaches: Morag Goodwin, Shanya Ruhela and Richard Clements.
  • Participants: Alba Kalayci Nicault, Romee Paridaans, Micheal Fitzgerald and Melissa Pellis.

University of Edinburgh:  

  • Coach: Burkhard Schafer.
  • Participants: Aline Fuke Fachinetti, Kseniia Zhadnova and Rania Djojosugito.