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Launch your career in the global arena with the most demanded LL.M. specializations


Specializations offer LL.M. students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of commercial and business law and gain expertise in the most demanding and exciting fields of legal practice.

Our Master of Laws (LL.M.) offers a unique approach to international business law, with a truly in-depth and rigorous learning experience. Alongside a foundation in the fundamental knowledge and skills essential for lawyers today, you will also have the opportunity to specialize and apply what you’ve learned in practice.

With the option to specialize in three areas—International Business Law, International Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property and Technology Law—participants will graduate with the necessary knowledge and tools to conduct cross-border transactions, practice law internationally and have a variety of career options at their fingertips.

Discover the comprehensive, multidimensional combination of specializations, which makes this Master of Laws (LL.M.) an unbeatable program to study.

International Business Law

This specialization addresses the complexities of our current globalized and digitalized world, by offering a practical approach rooted in a case-study based method. By offering training in corporate law, finance, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, tax, international trade and antitrust, students are able to witness firsthand the kind of deals they will encounter in their future careers.

From day one, students are encouraged to put their knowledge into practice and design, structure, manage and complete cross-border corporate transactions. This is further enhanced by the opportunity to take part in two immersive, hands-on projects: In-house Legal Operations, in conjunction with Banco Santander, and Making a Deal.

The combination of world-class legal education, along with a 360° overview of the corporate world, offers students a holistic understanding of legal project management, effective conflict resolution, global business and drafting. Students will not only possess the legal, commercial, technological and economic know-how, but they will also be able to demonstrate the soft skills needed to thrive in today’s diverse workplace.

“In the changing international business landscape, corporate lawyers need to have a transversal understanding of business, which includes the fundamentals of its administration, the impact of technology and being familiar with international environments. Practitioners with such holistic perspectives are best positioned to offer their clients advice, either by working in-house in multinational companies, or as legal counsel in cross-border M&A transactions,” explains Sara Sánchez, Assistant Professor at IE Law School and Co-Director of IE’s Legal Clinic.


International Dispute Resolution

As technology, trade and transportation have reduced the significance of borders, trans-frontier activity has become part of our daily routine. As a result, a thorough knowledge of national laws and procedures is no longer sufficient to competently counsel clients in today’s globalized world.

This particular specialization trains students on the challenges of cross-border litigation, parallel proceedings and international insolvency situations. Presenting a case in front of a court or arbitral tribunal remains a defining moment in a lawyer’s career. Today, however, this is no simple task. Fortunately, right from the outset, students of the Master of Laws will be put to the test in workshops and moot competitions, allowing them to develop the skills required to become a versatile lawyer in the international dispute resolution arena of the 21st century.

The allure of this specialization lies in the experiences students will undergo throughout their time studying, including several Moot Court competitions, challenging them to present a variety of cases that mirror real legal scenarios and present a hypothetical EU law case to a faux Court of Justice.

What’s more, as the year evolves, students are offered the opportunity to dig deeper into courses of their choice—whether that be substantial legal issues such as contract law and damages, the intricacies of specific sectors including construction, energy and finance, or taking a more regional stance by completing a Spanish-taught course on arbitration law and practice in Spain and Latin America. Undoubtedly, this is a unique opportunity for a career in the challenging and exciting field of international dispute resolution.

“The business world is increasingly in need of versatile litigators who are ready to navigate the often-troubled waters of cross-border disputes. Between general advisors and niche specialists, clients will always rely on vocational, adaptable, sophisticated and strategically minded dispute resolution practitioners to ensure their rights are upheld,” explains Marco De Benito Llopis-Llombart, Associate Professor at IE Law School.

Intellectual Property & Technology Law

The rise in streaming entertainment, social media, AI applications and online commerce has pushed the legal sector to new limits and there is a rising demand for professionals who can address these increasingly complex issues with an innovative approach.

With this specialization students will gain detailed insight into the fast-growing field of Intellectual Property and Technology Law. Interactive classes will focus on topical issues concerning the regulation of innovation and creativity while also being exposed to the latest practical and theoretical perspectives yon the access to and use of data in a global context.

No stone will be left unturned as students are offered both mandatory and elective courses in order to provide them with an all-encompassing insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with law, technology and innovation.

Alongside acquiring the necessary leadership skills to thrive in a transforming legal landscape, you will benefit from a number of outstanding partnerships with various tech companies, law firms and international organizations, as well as the opportunity to be trained to immediately work within some of these partner companies—opening the door for them to pursue careers in a wide range of related fields. Whether you want to become a key player at Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM or Facebook, this specialization will help you exceed your personal and professional expectations and transform your career in a dynamic and challenging domain.

According to Argyri Panezi, Professor of Law and Technology, “technology is an ever-evolving force. It enhances human capacities, expands market capabilities and produces value and growth. The lawyer of the future needs to build a sophisticated, active and forward-looking profile to successfully meet increasing needs of innovation and technology markets.”

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