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Legal tech firm Cysae, founded by IE alumni, merges with Aledra Legal

Aledra Legal merges with Cysae as they back startups

The law firm, established by former students of IE Law School, has positioned itself as a benchmark company in the fintech sector.

Tono Vázquez, Gonzalo García-Valdecasas and Javier Pascual, alumni of IE Law School, decided to jointly establish their own firm, Cysae, after completing their double master’s in Law, Entrepreneurship and Technology (LL.M.). They offer specialized services in fintech and advice to startups. Now the firm is merging with Aledra Legal in a move that will allow them to move up a level in the legal field.

Aledra Legal is a firm with a more traditional approach to law and extensive experience in the sector. They have decided to partner with Cysae to focus on technology and innovation, since the firm, run by former students of IE Law School, specializes in fields of particular interest to startups such as fintech, data protection and digital and corporate law, both nationally and internationally.

The dual master’s the founders of Cysae completed provided them with “the knowledge and impetus needed to decide to set up our own firm specializing in fintech,” explains García-Valdecasas.

In just four years, they have succeeded in positioning themselves in the market and attracting the attention of large firms due to their knowledge of the legal tech sector, cryptocurrencies and asset tokenization. “The multidisciplinary skills we learned while studying at IE Law School have allowed us to advise technology startups from the beginning of our professional careers,” recalls the cofounder.

The merging of the two firms will lead to a company comprising very diverse professionals, with an innovative approach to law for businesses and entrepreneurs, but there is one thing that remains constant following the merger: “My classmates from IE Law School remain my partners and my best friends”, says García-Valdecasas.

Cysae and Aledra explain that the merger is an “unbeatable cocktail,” since the new firm will contain highly experienced professionals, capable of understanding the new digital landscape in detail and offering personalized advice.