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Part-time programs at IE Law School: Degrees designed with you in mind


IE Law School offers plenty of options for furthering your education; not only in terms of programs and specializations, but also when it comes to format. In addition to several full-time degrees, we offer two part-time master’s degrees in English—the Executive LL.M. and the Master in Global Corporate Compliance—as well as one in Spanish—the Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas.

These programs offer students like you the expertise needed to drive their careers forward, while allowing them to customize their educational experience. If you’re thinking of pursuing a master’s degree at IE Law School, here are a few reasons why a part-time program might be right for you.


Blended Methodology

One of the many things that make IE Law School’s part-time programs unique is our innovative Blended Methodology. This means that part of each program takes place in person in a face-to-face format, and part of it takes place in our virtual classroom.

For example, the part-time Executive LL.M. includes two on-campus periods in the late summer and fall at the IE Madrid campus, and one in the spring in Chicago. In between, students continue their learning through a state-of-the-art online platform. This includes video conferences, discussion forums, and constant communication with professors and classmates all over the world—letting you expand and nurture your network while continuing with your career.


Integrated, immersive, and individualized: if we had to sum up our part-time programs in just a few words, these are the ones we would choose. 


Balance and Flexibility

We understand that as an ambitious working professional, you lead a busy lifestyle. Our part-time programs are specifically designed with this in mind. We believe it’s vital to maintain a good work-life balance, even after adding a master’s degree into the mix.

For this reason, we give you the chance to further your knowledge without putting your career and personal life on hold. This means not only that you can keep working without uprooting your life, but also that you can directly apply what you’re learning in a real-world context. The result is a unique and highly experiential education that you won’t find anywhere else.


Part-time commitment, big-time benefits

One of the greatest misconceptions about part-time programs is that they come up short when compared to full-time degrees. Although this might be the case at other schools, at IE it’s far from the truth. As we see it, it all depends on what you’re looking for; each individual student has different needs and capacities for commitment. Considering this, we work hard to ensure that our part-time students have access to all the same resources and opportunities as their full-time counterparts.

Our  Master in Global Corporate Compliance, for instance, is offered in both a full-time and a part-time format. Both include the same content, the same access to faculty at the top of their fields, and the same week-long immersion experience at the NYU School of Law. Most importantly, upon completing the program you’ll receive the same master’s degree and certificate regardless of the format you’ve chosen.


An innovative educational experience

Integrated, immersive, and individualized: if we had to sum up our part-time programs in just a few words, these are the ones we would choose. They are integrated because they’ve been designed to be compatible with your lifestyle—It’s not a matter of choosing between work or education, but rather combining them seamlessly so that each can benefit the other. They are immersive because they allow you to delve into the most relevant and useful topics for your career, and to enhance your experience through the on-campus periods incorporated into each course of study.

Finally, these programs are individualized because they are based on the premise that your education should be custom-built to meet your needs, expectations, and capabilities. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all degree; everyone has their own reasons for pursuing a master’s, and their own preferences for how to go about it. This is the cornerstone of our part-time programs—the balance and flexibility to shape your studies around your life, without sacrificing the world-class quality of education that sets IE Law School apart.


IE’s Master in Global Corporate Compliance prepares students for the realities of today’s marketplace by combining global content with a top-tier faculty.  

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