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Professor Antonio Aloisi on AI and the future of work


Artificial intelligence is changing just about every aspect of how we live our lives, and work certainly is not exempt from this. What are the challenges posed by new technologies and AI applied to work and how is it being regulated?

Professor Antonio Aloisi tackles these questions in his latest research paper “Artificial Intelligence Is Watching You at Work. Digital Surveillance, Employee Monitoring and Regulatory Issues in the EU Context” at the seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Work organized by Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network (LAIN).

LAIN brings together expertise from diverse fields and is the University of Leicester’s first such platform to promote interdisciplinary collaborations pivoting on artificial intelligence (AI).

In the seminar, Professor Aloisi, whose interests lie in employment law and industrial relations and is currently working on digital transformations of workplaces, presented his paper Artificial Intelligence Is Watching You at Work. Digital Surveillance, Employee Monitoring and Regulatory Issues in the EU Context, co-authored with Elena Gramano, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, Institute for Labour and Civil Law, and prepared for the Special Issue of Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal,  Automation, Artificial  Intelligence and Labour Protection” edited by Valerio De Stefano. 

In his paper, he discusses how international, European and domestic institutions are updating existing regulation in order to face the complex and far-reaching challenges posed by ubiquitous tech devices and, more specifically, by artificial intelligence (AI) as it applies to work and workplaces.

“This article assesses the effects of AI application on the employment relationship, with a view to understanding how social and legal institutions act, react or adapt to a potential experience of unprecedented digital surveillance in the workplace, entrenching command-and-control relationships between management and workers”.

Antonio Aloisi | IE Law SchoolProfessor Antonio Aloisi is Assistant Professor of European and Comparative Labour Law at IE University. Prior to joining IE, he was a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI), Florence.

His research focuses on the impact of digital technologies on labour regulation and social institutions. In particular, Antonio studies non-standard forms of employment, platform work, AI, and new practices of collective action. He has been involved in several research projects commissioned by international institutions or research centres. He has authored a number of articles, book chapters and op-eds.