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Professor Antonios Kouroutakis appointed to the Advisory Board of the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research


Dr. Antonios Kouroutakis, Assistant Professor at IE Law School and IE University was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR).

The CUNCR which is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is an independent think-tank focused on the United Nations Charter and on promoting the constitutionalization of the UN and of international law, with the aim of legitimizing global governance and affirming the global rights of “we the peoples”. Dr. Kouroutakis under the auspices of the CUNCR will work to provide research and analysis, training, and policy recommendations to individuals and non-state-actors, as well as governments, international organizations, the European Union and other shared-sovereignty regional and supra-national organizations, on the subject of union of states in general and the UN in particular.

The CUNCR will also monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the UN system in achieving its stated goals, particularly in the areas of maintaining international peace and security, promoting and protecting human rights, and the resolution of global problems, such as those relating to the environment, disarmament, global poverty and pandemics.

Dr. Antonios Kouroutakis is Assistant Professor at IE University and has taught a variety of law courses and conducted research at the City University of Hong Kong, the Free University of Berlin, FVG Sao Paolo, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Kouroutakis received a DPhil in Law from University of Oxford and an LLM from UCLA School of Law. Dr. Kouroutakis’ research interests lie mainly in the field of constitutional engineering, public law and regulation. In particular, Dr. Kouroutakis is interested in the concept of separation of powers, rule of law, emergency legislation, and the regulation of new technologies.