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Promoting Compliance in Higher Education


A pioneer in promoting compliance in higher education, IE Law School is active in global advocacy and training efforts in the matter.

We know the value that compliance holds for all stakeholders involved, from companies and employees to the communities in which they operate. We are also aware that, in the past years, compliance has experienced an exponential job growth and is a career that offers endless opportunities: the Wall Street Journal named compliance officer the hottest job in America (2014) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 3.3 percent growth through 2024, with 8,700 new jobs.

At IE Law School, we promote the importance of Compliance and take part in several international conferences and events to encourage specialization amongst professionals, and raise awareness around the necessity of creating social and corporate cultures of compliance. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this year in the world of Compliance, from our sponsorchip in Compliance Conferences and Worldwide Summits to Master Classes and exclusive events.


IE Law School Sponsors Compliance Conferences and Worldwide Summits

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (5th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute – Prague)

At IE Law School, we believe in the importance of compliance training for professionals in all industries. It is from our desire to see professional development continue to grow that we decided to act as a collaborative sponsor for this conference. During the 3-day event, top compliance and ethics professionals from around the world discussed a wide spectrum of compliance-related themes. Topics included ethical challenges, anti-corruption, data protection and risk management. In addition to excellent networking opportunities, attendees also earned the continuing education units required to take the Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-International (CCEP-I)® exam.

Today’s compliance officers are expected to have a strong background in ethical practices and standards across industries, in addition to extensive knowledge of legal regulations


Global Ethics Summit

IE Law School’s María Hernandez joined over 200 multinational companies and organizations at the 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit in New York this year. More than 500 individuals from a variety of industries gathered at this event to share experiences and collaborate on topics such as company integrity and ethical practices. Leaders and executives from Visa, Microsoft, GE and Panasonic offered their insights and advice on Compliance as a Business Advantage, The Ethics of Big Data, Measuring the Integrity of your Organization and Leadership through Diversity.


ELSA: European Compliance Conferences

Compliance has become an increasingly popular topic amongst today’s young lawyers. As a part of the annual collaboration that IE has established with the European Law Student Association (ELSA), we had the opportunity to participate in a number of ESLA organized conferences in Brussels this year. Academic Director of IE’s Master in Global Compliance program (LLM/MsL), María Hernandez, captivated audiences with her presentation on anti-bribery regulations. ESLA members from all over Europe participated in a follow-up Q&A session that presented valuable discussion points regarding the differences between US and UK legislation.


Online Master Classes

What does compliance actually refer to, and what is the role of a compliance officer? In this year’s Online Master Classes, María Hernandez—our very own Academic Director of the Master in Global Corporate Compliance program (LLM/MsL) and Compliance Partner for Eversheds Sutherland Nicea—answered these questions and more. Students had the opportunity to join Hernandez in her analysis of this hot topic from various angles and learned about the importance of developing effective fulfillment programs in corporations. Class subjects included the meaning of compliance and its implications for today’s business organizations, and an exploration of the practical aspects of an effective compliance program.


news_compliance_ieHow to survive in the digital jungle

In response to the Telefonica cyber attack, this event brought to light vital issues regarding the severe implications that these types of incidents can have on companies and their clients, and preventative actions that can be taken to avoid future occurrences.  Pablo Perez, VP of Global Security for Telefonica, explained how a company can respond in the wake of these events and discussed the involvement of IT and legal departments in cybersecurity and compliance.


Compliance Week

IE launched its first Online Compliance Week this year, with contributions from a number of experts in diverse fields. Participants had the opportunity to discover the importance of compliance in the public sector, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, insurance and corporations. Our innovative online education format breaks down geographical barriers by offering superior training to students all over the world in a wide range of IE Law School subjects, including:

Compliance in a Highly Regulated Market: Pharmaceutical Industry, with Professor Gustavo Rodriguez

Compliance and Public Sector: A Two -Way Relationship, with Professor Esperanza Hernández

Food and Beverage Industry Regulations and Compliance, with Professor Susana Guerrero

Compliance in the Insurance Industry: Going Beyond the Penal Code, with Professor Carlota Balet

Corporate Compliance: A New Reality, with Professor Mariano Criotti


Why specialize in corporate compliance?

Compliance has experienced an exponential job growth: the Wall Street Journal named compliance officer the hottest job in America (2014) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 3.3 percent growth through 2024, with 8,700 new jobs.

Compliance offers endless opportunities and financial stability to future professionals: in 2016, the highest paying compliance jobs were in banking/investment, commodity exchange, gas distribution, electronic component manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

If you are looking to pursue a career out of the ordinary in a global landscape, take a look at the career opportunities and possibilities Compliance offers.  Some of the most demanding sectors include Banking & Finance, Environment, Public Sector, Manufacturing and Trade, just to name a few.

You can work as a:

  • Investment Banking Compliance Manager: Uphold rules and regulations in the fast-paced world of investment banking.
  • Chief Compliance Officer: Oversee daily business activity to ensure the company is performing in full compliance with national and international laws and regulations.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Director: Combat illegal activity by monitoring transactions and activities that could be suspicious.
  • Public Sector Compliance Officer: Apply your knowledge of government agencies and public law to guarantee that laws and regulations are consistently met.


IE’s Master in Global Corporate Compliance prepares students for the realities of today’s marketplace by combining global content with a world-class faculty.  

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