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Reach your career goals faster when studying the Master in Legal Tech

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Do you want to become a force for change in an evolving world? Consider studying the Master in Legal Tech at IE Law School and help drive legal innovation to new heights.

Do you want to become a force for change in an evolving world? Consider studying the Master in Legal Tech at IE Law School and help take innovation to new heights.

IE Law School has crafted this 12-month, multifaceted law program for ambitious individuals who want to apply their passion for technology and innovation to the legal landscape. Made possible with the collaboration of IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, participants gain the comprehensive skill set to lead law firms and companies into the future and digitize corporate legal departments—whether from a technological or legal perspective.

Students are emboldened by this immersive program which allows them to become global legal professionals. We have incorporated a flexible, interdisciplinary approach within our Liquid Learning framework to cover all current developments in both law and technology, while also expanding on modern management strategies and new business models.


Gain hands-on experience before you graduate

At IE Law School, we believe practical experience is just as important as theoretical knowledge. That’s why we combine virtual learning, face-to-face sessions and master classes with hands-on experience, tasking students with a series of real-world challenges in collaboration with internationally renowned companies such as Santander, IBM Watson and Google. From creating APIs to designing chatbots, these tech-forward and innovative projects instill students with all the practical skills and knowledge necessary to take the legal tech world by storm.


Learn from top industry experts

IE Law School’s professors make up one of the most diverse, experienced and expert law faculties in the world. You will be taught by industry elites from across the globe with decades of experience, all committed to shaping the next generation of legal tech pioneers. You will meet, learn from and network with some of the most innovative and admirable leaders in technology, business and law, expanding your professional network and boosting your career opportunities at the same time.

Gain an exceptional skill set

This program will help you stay one step ahead of the game as you enhance your existing professional skills while acquiring all-important new ones. Building a solid foundation of three core modules—Law for Tech, Tech for Law and Digital Transformation—you will develop an interdisciplinary approach to the sector, differentiating yourself from the rest. Perhaps most notably, you will finetune widely coveted tech abilities and gain an exclusive HST certificate as you dive into the different challenges of digitalization.

Learn the way you want

The innovative, part-time format of the Master in Legal Tech combines the best of both virtual learning and face-to-face sessions to provide a personalized learning experience suited to the demands of modern professionals. Given the extenuating global circumstances, the in-person residentials in Madrid and Israel can now be attended online if necessary—while all students gain access to a dynamic virtual experience in Silicon Valley. This way, you can be part of a world-class professional network and global legaltech community all from the comfort of your own home.

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Drive the tech revolution in the legal world