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Reach your career goals faster when studying the Master in Legal Tech

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Do you want to become a force for change in an evolving world? Consider studying the Master in Legal Tech at IE Law School and help drive legal innovation to new heights.

Do you want to become a force for change in an evolving world? Consider studying the Master in Legal Tech at IE Law School and help drive legal innovation to new heights.

This multifaceted program encourages students to apply their passion for innovation and transformation to a range of modern professional landscapes. You have the chance to join the next generation of individuals ready to lead law firms into the future and engage in digitizing corporate legal departments.

Students are emboldened by this multifaceted and immersive program, which allows them to become global professionals. We have incorporated an interdisciplinary approach to learning in order to cover all current developments in law and technology, while also expanding on modern management and new business models.

IE Law School in Madrid and Radzyner Law School in Herzliya have combined their expertise to devise this program to prepare students to become fierce and impactful lawyers, policymakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.



We understand the important role technology plays within an international legal context. Completely aware of the growing need for multiskilled lawyers who can work within a global environment, we have created the Master in Legal Tech to ensure our students are always one-step ahead of the game.

The Master in Legal Tech incorporates cutting-edge technological innovation alongside offering comprehensive academic and professional training in legal practice. The program encourages students to become empowered lawyers who know how to harness the power of technology and to think outside the box in this constantly evolving industry.



We cannot stress enough the importance of establishing an extensive network for yourselves, especially when entering the competitive job market. This is why we have ensured our students have access to exceptional networking opportunities where they are able to witness first-hand the realities of the technological frontline and to meet the industry’s key players.

The in-depth learning experience will include team-based online learning and three residential periods: two weeks at IE Law School in Madrid, two weeks in Silicon Valley (USA) and one week at Radzyner Law School in Herzliya (Israel). We can assure you that adding these experiences to your portfolio will undoubtedly double your career prospects for the future.


Our esteemed faculty work to go above and beyond traditional legal education, striving to provide students with a broad, interdisciplinary skill set. It does not stop there either. As a student at IE Law School, you will have the opportunity to learn and interact with top-tier guest professors and industry frontliners. As high-achieving experts in the industry, they are always able to offer the latest trends and insights into the ever-changing areas of the legal sector.

As a student of the Master in Legal Tech, you will gain an unsurpassable and innovative skill set which will undeniably set you apart from the rest when searching for your dream job.

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