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How studying the LL.M. in International Business Law can heighten your career prospects

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As high-performing business lawyers, having a global perspective is essential to succeed in top organizations. Individuals who can bring an international perspective to their teams are able to apply their unsurpassable business legal knowledge to provide sound, cross-jurisdictional advice during complex international transactions.

The LL.M. in International Business Law transforms students into international business lawyers with highly strategic mindsets. Carefully devised to incorporate both soft and critical skills, the program develops T-shaped lawyers, preparing them for a successful career in international business law.

We expect our students to transcend legal boundaries and excel within a global legal system. Through our innovative and highly practical program, students become equipped to break down the barriers and enjoy new levels of international success.

The winning formula

Focus on business law

We cannot stress enough the importance of gaining in-depth, practical experience, especially when it comes to business law. Taking a hands-on approach, this program provides deep insights into the most necessary topics to become a world-class business lawyer.

The four key areas focused on in this program are: competition law, international securities law, international intellectual property, and international tax framework. When combined, these courses delve into important aspects to understand the complexity of a changing legal landscape from a corporate perspective.

The competition law course covers everything from the basic rules of competition policy to understanding the relevant features of free competition, while the international securities law course deals with security regulation of international transactions. Together, these two topics will help you promote a company’s market competition without jeopardizing their security, regardless of jurisdiction, tender offers, or any other factors.

Furthermore, when paired with a profound understanding of international intellectual property and the international tax framework, you’ll be in a prime position to offer sound, valuable, and ongoing legal advice to any global organization.

A comparative approach

Globally minded lawyers can’t hope to fully leverage their potential if they’re confined to one jurisdiction—and our approach to education reflects this. We offer the most holistic and comprehensive legal training possible through our comparative law methodology.

This methodology allows you to gain an effective and incisive understanding of the international legal landscape. You will compare and contrast different legal systems, identifying underlying global trends as you do.

Everything in this program is designed to be complementary. With this comparative approach, you will consistently gain new skills as you work on practical cases that often take place in the heart of legal institutions.

The skills of a T-shaped lawyer

As wholly international business law professionals, traditional skill sets are simply not enough to succeed at a global level. To ensure a successful and future-proof career in this environment, you must become a T-shaped lawyer. Going far beyond traditional legal skills, this program takes you on a journey across sectors, solving problems and gaining the right training to stand out from the rest. You’ll not only have immersive business and tech experiences, but you’ll also develop your managerial skills to drive human-centered teams.

To help build these all-important T-shaped layer skills, you can expect continuous evaluations throughout the program while also taking part in networking events, team-building exercises, and highly insightful lectures.

Expand your career options worldwide

IE Law School is committed to fostering a global legal education so that our students are prepared to work on an international platform, managing trans-border transactions and multijurisdictional issues.

We are proud to present our new partnership with BARBRI, the number one bar examination review course in the United States. This unique partnership offers students the opportunity to study U.S. law and acquire the credentials needed to make global legal practice a reality.

BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Exam Prep. program has been specifically designed to guide non-U.S. qualified lawyers towards passing the California Bar Examination. This allows students to qualify as a U.S. attorney and bridge the gap between legal environments in our increasingly globalized, interdependent world.

Does this program sound like what you need to reach new professional heights? Contact us today for more information.

Above and beyond borders of a single legal system