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Whether you or your organization are seeking to gain a broader view or update your knowledge in a specific area of the law, IE Law School is fully committed in providing an engaging and dynamic academic experience to meet your needs.

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Our Executive Education Programs are designed to empower and help professionals address the challenge on how to navigate today’s global legal environment.

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Training Agreements

We offer law firms and companies the opportunity to sign Training Agreements. Through these agreements, employees gain important benefits and access to our Executive Education programs, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and skills in the legal sector.

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sponsoring events

We offer law firms, companies, and institutions the possibility of sponsoring events and conferences regarding current legal topics. IE Law School Executive Education designs sponsorship packages according to the institution's requirements.

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Challenges and trends for the XXI century lawyer

Join the Young Lawyer Training Course organized by IE Law School and the IBA Young Lawyers’ Committee on The Fundamentals of International Legal Business Practice

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Latest news

Dr. Thibault Schrepel on blockchain and competition law

Dr. Thibault Schrepel, Assistant Professor in European Economic Law at Utrecht University School of Law, visited IE and spoke about competition law, blockchain and the legal implications behind this technology.

Many bets that all citizens will use blockchain in a near future, whether it is to vote, to buy food or to implement any kind of transactions.  All relationships between companies will also change, including prohibited ones. Although blockchain applications are still in their infancy, the potential legal issues that will result from them must be addressed without further ado. This is particularly true with regard to competition law which is often used to shape the market power that flows from technologies, but in fact, blockchain creates similar legal issues for all of the fields of private law.

During the seminar hosted by IE´s Research CenterDr. Thibault Schrepel explored how Blockchain may transform transactions the same way Internet altered the dissemination and nature of information. He also described the challenges that blockchain presents for analyses of unilateral anticompetitive practices and proposes some changes to antitrust law and regulations that address those challenges.

19 Jun 2019


Business and Corporate Law, Faculty, Global, Comparative and European Law

The evolution of strategic fit – ‘Today’s everything organization’

‘Traditional organizations were highly rigid; this was demonstrated by their products and the specificity of markets which they served. Arguably, ...

30 May 2019


Business and Corporate Law, Students Experience

The future of European private law

The future of European private law was discussed during a conference that King’s College London organized on 8 February 2019, gathering experts ...

09 May 2019


Business and Corporate Law, Faculty, Global, Comparative and European Law

IE Law School students win the 6th edition of the EUROPA Moot Court Competition

IE Law School undergrad students are recognized as the best contenders in Europe winning the 6th edition of the EUROPA Moot Court Competition in ...

07 May 2019


Clinical Education, Global, Comparative and European Law, News, Students Experience

How studying the LL.M. in International Business Law can heighten your career prospects

Nowadays, having a global perspective is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill that international law firms and legal departments are seeking ...

03 Apr 2019


Business and Corporate Law, Global, Comparative and European Law, Management Skills, News, Students Experience

IE Law School signs an agreement with BARBRI and becomes the first European law school that allows LL.M. students to qualify as a US attorney

With this new agreement, IE Law School becomes the first European Law School to offer LLM students the opportunity to study American law and acquire ...

29 Mar 2019


Business and Corporate Law, Global, Comparative and European Law, News, Students Experience
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Networking is the process of cultivating prosperous relationships, gaining exposure, and learning about new job opportunities in the sector you are interested in. For students and professionals in the legal sector it is a valuable activity and asset that can help you pave your way to career success.

IE Law School believes in the importance of networking and is committed in building a community where students, professors, professionals, companies and law firms can engage, collaborate and find valuable relationships and opportunities.

That´s why throughout the year, IE Law School is engaged with the legal community and is constantly offering various seminars, conferences, symposia, and special events.

Executive Programs for professionals

IE Law School´s creates legal programs for professionals and organizations at the intersection of business, management and strategy, as well as specific areas of the law, providing them with a deeper context so they can thrive in their career.

Custom programs for organizations

Interested in a custom program? Contact us and we can design a program that will allow your organization to create high-level, specialized training for your professionals. These programs are uniquely tailored to the needs of each client.

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