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Security and Privacy Challenges of Connected Toys: Can you trust your children’s new best friends?

Connected toys can bring a range of benefits to both parent and child, but there are also rising concerns with regards to security and privacy.

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, popular toys amongst children would have included, Furbythe robotic owl-like creature, that would speak to its user, with its own language, or Tamagotchi, a digital pet that you could feed, play games with and take care of. Children’s toys today have greatly evolved, not only being digital but incorporating a range of features that make them highly interactive. These toys can now come equipped with cameras, sensors, and microphones, but most importantly, they are connected to the internet. There is a range of variations in this new category of toys ranging from “My friend Caylato The Dinoand Hello Barbie. Through the use of wi-fi and speech recognition, the new Barbie doll can now speak to its users, continually learning from the voice recording they collect and progressively adapting their responses. Similarly, “My friend Cayla, can also talk with its user, as well as read stories and play games, through the use of an application downloadable on android or IOS system. “Teddy the Guardian”, is geared for use by infants, devised to teach children to maintain a good posture and healthy life.

It can measure a child’s temperature, and even check their heart rate and oxygen saturation. Although less interactive with the child, the toy enables parents to keep track of their children’s safety, even when they are not at close proximity.


19 Mar 2018


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Students Experience

Facebooks and its Privacy problems

On February 16, 2018, the Belgian court ordered Facebook to delete illegally collected data or face fines of up to €100m, or daily €250,000 for ...

09 Mar 2018


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Students Experience

Five technologies lawyers shouldn’t ignore

From Big Data to Blockchain, Marti Manent gives us a glimpse of the five technologies that lawyers mustn´t ignore if they want to succeed in ...

26 Feb 2018


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Management Skills

Challenges and trends for the XXI century lawyer

The International Bar Association (IBA) Young Lawyers´ Committee has partnered with IE Law School to launch a Young Lawyers´ Training Course on ...

23 Feb 2018


Clinical Education, Global, Comparative and European Law, Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Management Skills

How IE Law School prepares tomorrow’s greatest leaders in global law

Our law students are part of a vibrant, global and diverse community, and have access to infinite learning opportunities throughout their studies.

20 Feb 2018


Global, Comparative and European Law, Students Experience

Norberto Andrade on Policy, Privacy and Artificial Intelligence in Facebook

Our LLM and Bachelor students concluded the month of January with an interesting conference held by Dr. Norberto Andrade, Privacy and Public Policy ...

08 Feb 2018


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, News, Students Experience
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