A committed, engaged and involved faculty IE Law Schools academic excellence is grounded in the scholarship and diversity of our faculty who are leaders in their disciplines and transmit their passion for the law to the IE Law School community.

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Part-time programs at IE Law School: Degrees designed with you in mind

IE Law School offers plenty of options for furthering your education; not only in terms of programs and specializations, but also when it comes to ...

These programs offer students like you the expertise needed to drive their careers forward, while allowing them to customize their educational experience. If you’re thinking of pursuing a master’s degree at IE Law School, here are a few reasons why a part-time program might be right for you.

11 Dec 2017


Students Experience

US Trade Policy: America Resigns from its Leading Role as a Global Rule-setter

With Donald Trump’s first year in office approaching its end, Professor Johanna Jacobsson weighs in on the US trade policy and the first year of ...

07 Dec 2017


Faculty Opinion, Global, Comparative and European Law

Decision makers drown in information but are thirsty for actionable intelligence

IE Law School alumni, Dr. Murat Ünal, shares his thoughts on how we can use technology to free up our true potential and intelligence. “It is this ...

28 Nov 2017


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship

Professor Joseph H.H. Weiler gave a seminar to IE Law Schools´ faculty

Professor Joseph H.H. Weiler of NYU School of Law gave a very enlighting seminar to IE Law Schools´ faculty entitled “An academic career in the ...

22 Nov 2017


Faculty, Global, Comparative and European Law, News

Contributing to the excellence of tomorrows lawyers

In an event hosted by IE University and IE Law School, partners of the most prestigious international law firms got together with the awarded LLB ...

16 Nov 2017


Global, Comparative and European Law, News, Students Experience

Management & Law Week, a deep look at the legal services industry

IE Law School is launching the first “Management & Law Week”, a series of global conferences aiming to provide professionals a deep ...

14 Nov 2017


Management Skills
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