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Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
Success in today’s globalized, interconnected and tech-powered economy requires a nuanced understanding of US and EU law combined with a deep understanding of business principles. This transformational program opens frontiers for ambitious lawyers who are eager to reinvent their skill set and develop the business knowledge they need to evolve. Its multi-jurisdictional focus equips participants with a 360-degree strategic legal and business vision to empower them to break barriers and develop their career on the global stage.

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The Executive LL.M. Program is a joint degree offered by two of the world’s leading law schools: IE Law School and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. Uniting these two academic powerhouses ensures participants get the best of both worlds in a unique program that expertly integrates business administration content into a cross-border legal framework. On completion of the program, participants receive an LL.M./MSL from Northwestern Law and a Business Administration Certificate from IE Business School, establishing their profile as uniquely positioned to act on legal and business matters with challenging international dimensions.



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are ambitious and highly motivated to become well-rounded lawyers with a deep understanding of their clients’ business coupled with a global vision for international practice.


a multidisciplinary program featuring in-depth multijurisdictional legal training coupled with top business skills and in-depth knowledge of US legal frameworks.


● A leader in the evolving field of global business law
● Head legal counsel
● Head of governance
● Head of corporate strategy and research
● Senior business development executive
● Strategic development manager for global M&A


Globalization has changed the contours of law, creating new norms and global institutions. In response to the international nature of modern business law and to better serve multinational clients operating in different legal systems, many top law firms have also globalized their practice.

To be a leading global lawyer in this interconnected context requires a nuanced understanding of the laws and business principles that extend well beyond the jurisdiction where you are qualified. It also means adding value to your organization with a broader understanding of the business itself to help them overcome their most challenging obstacles.

The Executive LL.M. has been designed to address this new reality.

Exploring Anglo-American common law and its application in international practice—with a strong focus on corporate law—the Executive LL.M. provides the foundation and expertise for participants to build the skills tomorrow’s lawyers need. Led by top academics and highly experienced legal practitioners, the distinct but interconnected modules build a high-level overview of today and tomorrow’s key legal and commercial principles. Throughout the program, you will adopt a comparative approach to tackle even the most complicated cross-border legal and commercial problems.

In this context, legal expertise is no longer enough. The program addresses the demands of our interconnected business world by empowering you to take a closer look at your clients’ businesses, as well as the forces acting on them from outside. Participants will discover financial accounting, corporate finance, marketing and strategy to complement their legal knowledge, ensuring they become better rounded lawyers capable of adding value to any organization.

Are you ready to acquire a truly global vision and stand out in an evolving and interconnected economy?


Drawing on the expertise of two internationally renowned law schools, this Executive LL.M. is a holistic educational experience that provides a unique, multi-perspective view of law and business to address today’s complex global context.

Expand your professional future in the United States

Become a U.S. attorney

IE Law School remains at the forefront of legal education. Forever driven by our need to innovate, our graduates of the Executive LL.M. may now qualify to take the California Bar Exam, whether qualified or not in their home countries and provided that they have a valid first-degree in law and meet all other requirements set by the Bar Association. While IE Law School does not guarantee bar exam eligibility to students in this program for any state, the California State Bar has notified Northwestern Law that the current Executive LL.M. will qualify a student to take the California Bar Exam.

While LL.M. programs from other ABA-approved universities only allow their students to apply to the Bar if they are qualified as lawyers in their countries, we have included a course on Ethics and Professional Responsibility to the program enabling our students to apply for the California Bar. This online course, a two-week elective, will be taught by a professor from Northwestern University. It will provide our students with the necessary expertise to attain this prestigious certification.

*Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements for more information on bar exam eligibility requirements for any state.

"With the busy life and as a mother of two, IE Law School and Northwestern have made a wish and a plan come true, with the Great, flexible and well-structured classes, amazing professors and most importantly great colleagues from all over the world this has been an amazingly great unforgettable experience."
"Lifelong learning is essential, and returning to university was extremely rewarding for me. I broadened my mind set and discovered what’s happening in the educational sector, gaining a unique perspective on our dynamic world. I took these insights back to the business to enhance future recruitment processes."
"My class was very diverse. We were 16 people, coming from 14 different countries. We had lawyers, in-house lawyers and non-lawyers. There was someone dealing with fraud investigation, someone working in their family business, and another who is a managing director. Everybody had a different background and experience. You not only learn from professors, but also from your peers."
"At IE Law School, I initiated several projects with colleagues I met in Chicago and Madrid. The diverse backgrounds of my fellow students opened up business opportunities in regions that I could have never imagined before. National limitations of the legal profession meant my work was mostly domestic and regional. Now, I am much more internationally exposed."
"The Business Administration module helped me understand how to run a business and was a huge factor in helping me achieve professional success. I now add value to clients by understanding cases and negotiations from a business perspective. I can approach this from a legal side and render services and advice from an integral business approach."
"I’ve been working in the field of fraud investigation, currently with the Abu Dhabi government. When you go to various jurisdictions, investigation requires interacting with various judicial systems. It requires a unique perspective and vision to look at things. That’s why I decided to go with the LL.M. at IE Law School and Northwestern."

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The prestigious, forward-thinking Northwestern Pritzker School of Law draws upon decades of expertise to offer world-class legal training. Thanks to the Executive LL.M. you'll have the opportunity to experience this renowned educational environment and benefit from their unique insights. Watch the video to get a glimpse of life at Northwestern.


Upon program completion, students will receive a LL.M. or a Master of Studies in Law (MSL.) degree from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

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