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The program is business-law focused and covers American Common Law, its application in international practice and management essentials, vital to the practice of law for business clients.

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The Executive LL.M. Program is a joint degree governed by two of the world’s leading law schools: Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and IE Law School. Since its launch in 2006, the Executive LL.M. is Europe’s pioneering LL.M. Program for working professionals, providing participants the opportunity to earn an LL.M. from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (an applicant without a first degree in law may be admitted as a candidate for the Master of Studies in Law (MSL.) degree on proof of substantial work experience dealing with legal or regulatory matters) and a Certificate in Business Administration from IE Business School with little career interruption.



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Liquid Learning at IE University

In this new reality, we understand it’s not always possible to attend class in person. That’s why we developed our Liquid Learning approach, which seamlessly adapts to individual needs and provides equal access to world-class education—whether on campus or online wherever you are.

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Upon program completion, students will receive a LL.M. or a Master of Studies in Law (MSL.) degree from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Expand your professional future in the United States

Become a U.S. attorney

IE Law School remains at the forefront of legal education. Forever driven by our need to innovate, our graduates of the Executive LL.M. may now qualify to take the California Bar Exam, whether qualified or not in their home countries and provided that they have a valid first-degree in law and meet all other requirements set by the Bar Association. While IE Law School does not guarantee bar exam eligibility to students in this program for any state, the California State Bar has notified Northwestern Law that the current Executive LL.M. will qualify a student to take the California Bar Exam.

While LL.M. programs from other ABA-approved universities only allow their students to apply to the Bar if they are qualified as lawyers in their countries, we have included a course on Ethics and Professional Responsibility to the program enabling our students to apply for the California Bar. This online course, a two-week elective, will be taught by a professor from Northwestern University. It will provide our students with the necessary expertise to attain this prestigious certification.

*Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements for more information on bar exam eligibility requirements for any state.


This unique Executive LL.M. is flexible for participants from around the globe, so they can continue with their professional and personal commitments while earning their LL.M. degree and MBA Certificate. The program combines intensive on-campus periods in Chicago and Madrid, alternating with online classes, video chats, virtual forums and presentations and more.

Through our virtual campus and our WOW Room, you get a challenging and highly interactive educational experience. The well-structured, faculty-led sessions fit into the modern professional’s busy schedule and can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. Engage with other global professionals in synchronous and asynchronous sessions including interactive small groups where you work on real-world, industry-based case studies.

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Our updated, state-of-the-art WOW Room is a virtual learning experience without limits. It allows for enhanced collaboration and networking capabilities, resulting in a dynamic, intercultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. Some of the world’s most innovative technology has gone into producing this unique, lifelike virtual learning experience.

Join in on a free and fluid debate with other ambitious students from any corner of the planet.



Students who can take a longer time away from work, and who would like more time in a traditional classroom environment, may want to consider the Residential Option in Chicago. Under this option, participants may choose from among a wide variety of courses offered to residential JD and LL.M. students at Northwestern Law.


Discover the passionate journey of our alumni and how the part-time format helps our students to accelerate their careers without sacrificing their professional momentum. Due to the flexibility, the Executive LL.M. students can apply the learnings in their organization at the time they do the program.

Executive LL.M. Syllabus

Note: This study plan may be subject to change.

An exceptional corporate lawyer needs to understand how his or her clients’ business works, and the external forces that may affect it. Hence, this module focuses on enhancing student’s understanding on financial accounting, corporate finance, marketing for lawyers and business strategy.
This module has the particularity of being imparted through a blended modality, being that each course is formed of sessions in class and others through an online environment, enhancing the flexibility required by students with a demanding professional schedule.

Financial Accounting

Accounting is the primary language of business. This course will emphasize the understanding of how financial statements are created and how accounting decisions affect these statements. The course will teach concepts essential to the reporting of a company´s financial position, operating results and cash flows. Upon completion, students will have sufficient knowledge of the fundamental concepts, terminology and techniques of financial accounting to analyze a corporate annual report.

Corporate Finance

This course is an introduction to the main concepts and issues in corporate financial management. The course will focus on providing skills to measure the economic value created when making investment decisions and will go over accounting statements. As a second step, the course will approach cash flow statements, to finish with the time value of money and the introduction of business valuation through ratios.

Business Strategy

This introductory course to the area of strategic management aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the internal and external factors that shape a firm’s ability to create value. The course strives to instill a strategic mindset that will enable students to go beyond a simple application of tools to derive a deep understanding of firm competitive behavior in order to enhance their own firm’s performance in any given situation.

Global corporate lawyers need to be aware of the corporate litigation, ADR processes and negotiation techniques in order to properly assess their clients as per their best interests during international transactions and in any dispute that may arise. In order to do so, an exceptional corporate lawyer needs to dominate the possible scenarios arising from different applicable laws in the international arena.

International Arbitration

The aim of the course is to acquire deep knowledge about the methods and basic concepts within international arbitration and to get to know how to handle the application of national and international rules of reference within international arbitration.
Also learn to swiftly draft arbitration clauses and when and how to negotiate them.
Analyze all the steps of a customary international arbitration process and deal with an actual international arbitration case and solve the problems arising as the counselor to the parties to the arbitration.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

The course focuses on the procedural aspects of dispute resolution in the US, whether by litigation before the courts or through contractual alternatives such as mediation and arbitration.


It combines theoretical instruction and practical exercises, as well as practice and development of negotiation capabilities and skills. This program has been designed so that participants may learn the “art of negotiation” as an effective tool that they will be able to use throughout their professional careers and personal lives.
It is an intensive seminar focusing on competitive and cooperative approaches to negotiation, whether to make a deal or settle a dispute.

This module comprises the backbone to every international corporate lawyer. It will provide hands-on instruction on the formation, structure and content of international contracts together with a unique set of skills that will allow students to assess the kind of contract that is more favorable for their clients on any given transaction. Finally, the Module will provide insight on US Antitrust Law, as it is closely related to contracts and business agreements.

Contract Law

US legal concepts governing the formation and enforcement of contracts, plus Uniform Commercial Code rules pertaining to sales, negotiable instruments and secured transactions.

Contract Drafting

The course focuses on enabling students to structure, negotiate pre-contractual agreements; how to analyze, assess and advise on the effect of both contractual clauses and how to clauses can be drafted or redrafted to leverage commercial objectives and manage and minimize risk of clients.


The course revolves around the structure of antitrust law as applied to various business contracts and practices, covering the different legal rules that govern horizontal and vertical contracts, monopolization, tying and mergers.

This module provides the fundamentals of the Anglo-American legal system, which serves as the basis of the common law standpoint used in all courses of the program.

Introduction to Anglo-American Law

The course offers the fundamentals of the common-law legal system and its approach to the major practice areas of interest to transnational lawyers.

Tax is involved in every international transaction. For a business lawyer to be truly successful, he or she needs to have the basic notions regarding the taxation implications that such operations might entail.

International Taxation

The course provides principles and underlying policies of the US tax system applicable to international practice, including jurisdiction, source of income, allocation and apportionment of deduction rules, taxation of foreign persons’ US income, sale of US real property interests, plus an introduction to foreign tax credits, the foreign earned income exclusion, anti-deferral mechanisms and international tax treaties.

This module provides a comprehensive look into the basic forms of doing business in the US through a practical approach, focusing on problems and solutions frequently faced by businesses.


This course will emphasize the basic forms of doing business in the US, stressing solutions to issues faced by businesses, including standards of corporate governance.

Residential Option in Chicago

Students who can take a longer time away from work, and would like more time in a traditional classroom environment, may want to consider the Residential Option in Chicago. This option combines the first on campus and online period of the Traditional Executive Program with the entire Spring Semester (January-May) in residence at Northwestern Law. Under this option, participants may choose from among a wide variety of courses offered to residential JD and LL.M. students at Northwestern Law.
Candidates for the MSL. degree who request the optional Spring Semester in Chicago will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

One of the main pillars of IE’s educational model is based on innovation and investment in technological development. This module opens students to the world of technology and innovation and its role in the legal sphere.

Technology & Innovation

The purpose of this module will be to give IE students: (1) an awareness of new and emerging technologies (what they are, how they can be used, etc) and (2) some practice using an innovation methodology to think about how these technologies might be applied to their specific field (workspace design, construction, legal trials, legal discover, foreign service, NGO work, marketing, operations, …etc). This module will help give IE students an innovative edge consistent with our corporate values of innovation and entrepreneurship. Some of the technologies to be covered include: IoT/wearables/mobility, digital media/VR/AR, BlockChain/Cybersecurity, Cloud/SaaS, Industry 4.0, AI/Deep Learning, Web 3.0, Digital Transformation mehods, and others.

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