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In every industry around the world, compliance is crucial for operating a successful business. Keeping pace with governance standards and regulations is paramount to avoiding fines, delays and building a trustworthy brand. Whether you’re starting to reshape the compliance culture in your organization or launching a new career path, this master should be your next step. Offered in a part-time format, the program takes a global, inclusive approach to helping professionals from all backgrounds develop a sophisticated understanding of business ethics, compliance strategies and the international legal framework.

11 Months




Madrid -New York – Online







Throughout the program, students will learn how to respond to complex regulatory challenges emerging in the global marketplace across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions. From building a new international legal strategy or compliance culture to fighting money laundering and cybercrime, students will undertake a unique learning journey with a practical, case study approach. Participants leave the program equipped with the knowledge and skill set to implement a compliance-based ethics program in any organization, as well as the ability to assure the reputation and assets of top companies around the world.

The program also includes an MBA Module which provides students with a broad knowledge of business management and strategy fundamentals, allowing them to earn a Certificate of Business Administration from IE Business School.


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Is for individuals who…

Have professional experience with mixed corporate backgrounds, determined to gain specific knowledge and broaden their capabilities in the area of corporate compliance.

Looking for…

A flexible program that provides expert insight on compliance issues to optimize business performance in today’s uncertain market landscape. Program participants are ambitious, highly motivated professionals, eager to improve the quality of their services and streamline their managerial approach. They understand the power of corporate compliance, and strive to learn all about the latest regulatory frameworks to foster ethical company cultures in global organizations. Ultimately, they are looking for a program that provides a broad vision of international compliance issues as well as access to a dynamic network of like-minded leaders from other top global companies.

To become…

● An In-house or private practice lawyer specializing in compliance and corporate defense
● Ethics program specialist
● Global compliance auditor
● Audit and compliance coordinator
● Global risk officer
● Regulatory manager
● Corporate social responsibility manager
● Security and compliance manager
● Chief compliance Officer

...and many more. With the increasing importance of regulatory compliance in today’s business world, graduates of this program will be suited to a vast spectrum of professional roles.


Compliance is a holistic response to the current challenges faced by our society and global economy. It’s a continuous journey in which laws and regulations are the roadmap and business ethics are the compass.

From meeting regulatory requirements to putting specific programs in place to prevent risks such as bribery, money laundering, terrorism financing, unfair competition and many others, compliance is central to ensuring that businesses behave in a way that is fair and transparent. Fostering compliance is not only directed at abiding by laws and industry standards but, most importantly, aligning with the organization’s overall purpose to meet stakeholders’ expectations.

As compliance becomes increasingly important to companies operating on the world stage, the demand for experts in the field continues to grow. Our Master in Global Corporate Compliance is designed to train individuals who will become the leading compliance professionals of the future. Upon completion, students will have developed the legal expertise and innovative mindset necessary to tackle new compliance challenges in an ever-changing business world.


The Master in Global Corporate Compliance is a leading program for the advancement of business ethics and compliance in organizations worldwide.

An accredited program

Our Master in Global Corporate Compliance is the only master outside of the US accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)®

Each and every day provides us with new opportunities for innovation. At IE Law School, we embrace this reality by constantly updating our programs and preparing our students for the professional world that awaits them. With a comprehensive approach to Compliance, Governance and Ethics, our Master in Global Corporate Compliance is one of many examples of our dedication to innovation. Now that it’s accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)®, we are able to offer students a truly international experience as they participate in the only Compliance-related Master to be accredited by the CCB® outside of the United States.

This accreditation will enable our students to be eligible to access the Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional – International (CCEP-I)® examination, and if they successfully pass the exam, they will be able to promote compliance and ethics through the certification of qualified compliance professionals around the world. This certification not only enhances certificate-holders’ credibility within their organizations and among their peers, but also encourages continued personal and professional growth in the practice of compliance and ethics and provides a standard of requisite knowledge required for certification.

The Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® is an independent body made up of compliance and ethics professionals who have developed criteria to determine competence in the practice of compliance and ethics across various industries and specialty areas. CCB is governed by a board of directors who are appointed by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and the Health Care Compliance Association’s (SCCE & HCCA) Board of Directors.


Every year we receive students from all corners of the world. They come with different aspirations, ideas and expectations to join an environment defined by its international outlook and rich diversity. Our students are characterized by having a global perspective, motivation towards achieving their personal and professional goals, an entrepreneurial spirit that sparks their creativity, and a profound desire of leaving their mark wherever they go.
"The Master in Global Corporate Compliance has helped us broaden our knowledge in compliance, while exploring transparency, independence, integrity, accountability, and sustainability. Compliance goes beyond business—it’s a solution to many of the issues plaguing society.

IE’s teaching methodology has helped us become more aware of events outside the classroom. With high-level discussions on important issues and the latest trends in compliance, we have become better professionals with a powerful set of soft skills. Most importantly, IE's focus on diversity and inclusion has enabled us to build a sense of global citizenship. Sharing ideas and knowledge is a powerful tool to foster collaboration, tolerance, innovation, and long-term value."

Our commitment with Compliance

“It is a great honor to be part of this exclusive task force, whose recommendations will be presented to the G20 and will, consequently, have a direct impact on the way business is done at the international level.”

María Hernández, managing Partner of the Compliance Practice area at Eversheds Sutherland Nicea, Chair of the Compliance Committee of the Latin American Alliance of Eversheds Sutherland International, and Academic Director of the Master in Global Corporate Compliance, has been selected as a member of the B20 Integrity and Compliance working group. The B20 is the official channel authorized by the G20 to engage in a dialogue with the business community and the private sector.

The main objective of B20 is to support the Group, made up of the world’s 20 leading global economies, by offering recommendations informed by a small number of carefully selected experts from every field (such as economics, law, business, and so on).

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Why is it important to have a Master in Global Corporate Compliance.


Stephen Choi´s visión on the future of Compliance.


Stephen Choi´s experience with the students of the Master in Global Corporate compliance.

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Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program.

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