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The Program

The content of the Master in Legal Tech is structure around several periods over 10 months, where you can train with professionals of different nationalities, know first-hand the reality of the legal sector and get an international perspective of law.

This program includes training in the areas of digital business, privacy regulation (EU & USA), disruptive technologies, big data, legalbots and machine learning, innovative management and new business models, e-commerce, online dispute resolution, coding, blockchain, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship and startups, among others.

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*Please bear in mind that the time zone difference of the videoconferences might slightly change during the program due to the DST (Daylight Saving Time) in Spain or in your own country.


This module seeks to study the law that governs technology and how to handle the challenges and risks that may arise due to new technologies.

Introduction to Legal Technology

Introduction to the program and overview on legal challenges in the last decade along with a forecast for the next decade.

Principles of digital Law, process improvements and business of Law

Legal introduction to Digital Law, analysing how traditional disciplines have changed after merging with technology: corporate, tax, civil, criminal, and more.

Privacy Regulation (EU approach)

The objective is to understand the legal aspects of data protection and privacy, through the study of the GDPR and the ePrivacy directive.


This course studies the technical and legal aspects of cybersecurity, through ISO 27001: control checks and methodologies.

Intellectual Property Law: copyright

This course covers the legal study of Intellectual property laws, focusing on copyrights in the digital era.

Intellectual Property: patents and trademarks

This course covers the legal study of Intellectual property laws, focused on patents and trademarks in the digital era.

Privacy Law (US approach)

This course studies the legal aspects of privacy from a US perspective and analyzes the conflict between security and privacy.

Corporate and Commercial

The aim of this course is to study the legal aspects of corporate and commercial law in the technology sector by analyzing specific issues for tech companies.

Computational law and rules driven automation

This course studies the mechanization of legal reasoning, capable of doing useful legal calculations, either done by humans or computers.

Online Dispute Resolution

This course studies from a legal perspective Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) proceedings, bodies and companies it is implemented or will be implemented.

Entrepreneurship and fundraising law

Deep study on all aspects related to startup incorporation, growth, internacionalization and exit.

The aim of this module is to study the different technologies that influence and have beneficial applications in the legal landscape.

Digital Business I: Legal Tech

This course studies emerging business models, along with technologies and their impact on the legal industry.

Disrupting tech I: Big Data & Machine Learning

This course analyzes business models based on big data and machine learning, its functioning system and applicablility to the legal industry.

Coding and programming I: Tech Basics App builders

This course is an introduction to language programming, its basics and involves hands-on experience, where students program an app.


This course studies the tech functioning of the blochchain technology, the analysis of its legal aspects and those ofcryptocurrencies.


This courses focuses on the tech functioning of smartcontracts, the analysis of its legal aspects and involves hands on experience on drafting smartcontracts.

Digital Business II: Top 10 startups

The aim of this course is to analyze the top 10 startups incorporated in the US, their success and failures as well.

Disrupting technologies II: Analytics & Legal bots

This course studies business models based on analytics and legal bots, their functioning system and applicablility to the legal industry.

Coding and programming II: Blockchain

This course is an introduction to language programming, its basics and invovles hands-on experience on programming on Blockchain.

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Experiential learning

Digital Business III: Outsourcing/Ross

Study on the definition of patrons valid for AI.

This module seeks to complement the multidisciplinary training of students and aims at developing management skills in relation to the legal landscape.

Management I: Innovative management & Legal Operations

This course studies the principles and changes in management, from traditional to new methods, especially those applied in the legal industry.

Management II: Legal design, Agile Scrum & design thinking

This course studies of these specific management methodolgies applied to the legal industry and cases.

The market of legal services

This course addresses the legal challenges present in the legal industry during the next decade.

Management: Lean startup

Study of this specific management methodolgies. Special application to the Law industry and Law cases.

Most courses in this module take place in Herzliya, Israel as part of the third period of the program and seek to enhance the practical approach of the program.

Legal Innovation Session: Legal Tech Today & Tomorrow

An overview of technologies, trends and implementations

Visit Rise Accelerator and Leumi Innovation Hub

Afternoon tour to Tel-Aviv & Jaffa

Implementation of Legal Tech in Israel

An overview of the most disruptive solutions in Legaltech in Israel.

AI Lawyers

Study of business models based on artificial intelligence, its functioning system and applicablility to the Law industry.

Tech & Law Israel

Law, technology and legal workplace

Study of these specific management methodolgies. Special application to the Law industry and Law cases.

Meetup with Israel’s leading Legal Tech RMS

An event including LegalUp, LawGeex, Force Majeure, Con icteam, Assist-Ant, Autorni and other leading request management systems.

Site Visits to Israel Start-Up Nation

Visit Google, Microsoft, Apple and WeWork Herzliya.


Study laws applied to different technologies to compiling, storing and securing of digital information to be used as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case.

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