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Academic Experience

At IE Law School, your experience matters. From day one, we want you to know what it’s like to be part of our international family of ambitious professionals, ready to lead change on the world stage. That’s why we provide access to elite on-campus and international experiences that immerse you in the realities of the global legal world.


Shadowing Program - The Experience -


Students can apply to and attend shadowing programs at the most prestigious law firms. During a week of shadowing, students will rotate through different departments to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which top legal executives and practitioners put to use the theory acquired in the classroom.

Law without Walls - Academic Experience | IE Law School


LWOW brings together more than 100 students from 30 law and business schools worldwide. The program lasts four months, where teams identify a problem in the way of teaching or practicing law, and develop a business plan and startup project to overcome these obstacles.


Law Unplugged is an innovative, practice-based course that aims to give students a greater awareness of the realities of life as a legal profession, encouraging students to think and work like real lawyers. They will have the chance to gain a greater understanding of life as a legal professional and acquire the necessary skills for personal and professional development.




Legal Challenge is a project that gives our students the opportunity to solve real cases and get hands-on experience in the legal sector. Guided by lawyers from prestigious law firms, our students gain a more profound understanding of what it means to be a lawyer and learn how to maintain client relationships during a complex corporate transaction.

Legal Challenge


In this innovative project, our students studying a Double Masters in Legal Entrepreneurship and Technology have the opportunity to work in a team to train the Watson system. This is a pioneering cognitive software system developed by IBM to aid legal decisions through the analysis of data and information.

Watson Challenge


Global Forum is a series of lectures given by professionals from a range of backgrounds. They share their experience and vision of today’s professional landscape with students. These lectures offer our students the opportunity to supplement their teaching with an up-to-date multidisciplinary approach.


Embrace your entrepreneurial ambitions, right here at IE. Area 31 is a disruptive startup generation space, open to anyone daring enough to try to bring their ideas to life. In this hub of innovation and experimentation, a diverse group of IE students come together to incubate and accelerate their best ideas. But this isn’t just a place for ideation. Every Thursday, Area 31 participants have the opportunity to test their idea in the real world, pitching their business plans to industry leaders from across sectors. With this invaluable insight from top professionals, Area 31 allows participants to apply feedback, enhance their profitability and unlock their untapped potential.

Area 31


The IE Legal Clinic gives undergraduate and postgraduate students real-life, professional practice by providing various pro bono services. Thanks to the clinics, and under the guidance of professors and lawyers, the students provide legal advice to NGOs and startups regarding social projects around the world. These areas can be very broad, with services offered that take in everything from the protection of human rights to compliance issues to contract and property law. The IE Legal Clinic is an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your legal skills, while benefiting society as a whole.

Legal Clinic


LL.M. in International Business Law participants have the unique opportunity to take part in the Vienna Moot Court Competition. Over spring break, volunteers travel to Vienna, Austria and compete in a simulation of an arbitration hearing in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition. As one of the largest and most well-known competitions of its kind, this experience will help to prepare you for the real challenges of professional operations on the world stage.

Moot Courts


As part of the Master in Global Taxation, students have the option to team up to solve a complex practical case. This challenge will test all the tools and techniques learned throughout the program. What’s more, one or more students from the winning team will be granted a coveted internship in the international taxation department of a top Spanish law firm. Approval for this internship is subject to the internal selection process, availability and entry requirements of the firm in question.


Academic experience at NYU

Master in Corporate Compliance students have the opportunity to take part in an unforgettable one-week academic experience at one of the world’s most prestigious law schools. Participants of both master’s will benefit from a program-specific educational enrichment experience, receiving a certificate from NYU School of Law at the end.


Immersion Week in London or Brussels

In the LL.M. in International Business Law program, students have access to the London or Brussels immersion weeks. Experience a thriving legal marketplace in London or in Brussels meet with leaders in competition practice at prestigious international firms. This experience will provide students with fresh perspectives on the European political machine through meetings with lobbyists and European Commission regulators.

Northwestern University | IE Law School

Residential option in Chicago (Executive LL.M.)

As part of the Executive LL.M., participants may choose to take part in a residential option in Chicago. The first semester takes place on campus in Madrid and online through the traditional executive program. Students will then have the option of spending the spring semester at Northwestern Law for a residence period. While there, participants choose from a broad variety of course offerings, joining other JD and LL.M. students at Northwestern Law.

Immersion Week in Silicon Valley

Students taking our executive education program Legal Bridge to Silicon Valley and our Master in Legaltech will be able to live a unique 5-day immersive experience in Silicon Valley, designed to immerse lawyers into the legal system of the world’s innovation hub, home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small startup companies. From the beating tech-heart of the bay area, the program englobes networking with top players in the valley, a deep understanding of startup companies and their how-to, the unwritten rules of international entrepreneurship in a tech-driven world, the implementation of innovation to create value for companies, and the trends in this environment, all through a legal looking glass.