A vibrant and diverse community IE School of Architecture and Design expands the boundaries of traditional architectural education to respond to a changing world.

About us

Letter from Dean Martha Thorne

IE School of Architecture and Design, an international, private institution, reflects the goals of the larger IE institution. These goals include a constant striving for excellence, the belief that diversity and multiple points of view can lead to a greater understanding and create knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to see unexpected opportunities and the fact that innovation can open up new and exciting ways of thinking, learning and taking action.

The fields of architecture and design are undergoing great changes due to globalization, technology and the expansion of the discipline from traditional roles to new areas and new ways of working.  Architecture and design studies can gain much from other disciplines.  Our School uses a transdisciplinary approach to see the “big picture” and works collaboratively with our other schools such as business, science and technology or law and receives input from professionals in the field.

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The IE experience

IE will broaden your horizons, connect you to the world, and help you chart a unique path needed to achieve your goals.

IE believes that education enriches the entire person and that people learn in different ways and from multiple sources. By striving for excellence and encouraging new ideas, each member of our diverse, international community is encouraged to achieve his or her full potential. Critical thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, an understanding of changing tehcnology and social responsibility are touchstones of all IE programs. An IE education will broaden your horizons and will contribute to who you will become throughout your career and life.

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In today´s world it is more important than ever to combine professionals, industry and academia in order to gain invaluable insight and knowledge.
The Design Council is formed by prominent companies, organizations and professionals who share the belief that design is a powerful tool for change.
This Council is composed by three type of members: Advisors, Studios and Business & Institutions.
  • Design Museum of London | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Shekou Design Museum
  • Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • The Helem Hamlym Centre for Design | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Autoban | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Liska + Associates | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • 2x4 | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Idreal | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • FJORD | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • SAFFRON | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • PENTAGRAM | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • BBVA | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Roca | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • ARUP | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Telefónica | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Steelcase | IE School of Architecture and Design
  • Logo HKDC | IE School of Architecture and Design

Degrees and programs

We encourage students to create their own place in the broad field of architecture and design through our diverse programs.

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor degrees are a first step to finding a place in the exciting field of architecture and design.

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Graduate programs IE School Architecture and Design

Graduate programs

Masters programs provide opportunities for indepth study and specialization for successful real world careers.

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Opportunities for study abroad and internships

We encourage our students to see the world from many perspectives and a semester at a partner institution or an internship is a great way to do this.

The Bachelor of Architecture at our School undertakes education for the real world through a well-developed and ongoing internship program and the opportunity to develop global prespectives and cross-cultural capabilities by studying abroad. Bachelor of Design students will be able to see how other design schools work and take specialized classes at our partners institutions.

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IE campuses: connecting students online and offline

The School´s programs use both the Madrid and Segovia campuses and take full advantage of technology for online learning and the use of digital resources.

IE University occupies four campuses: two in Madrid, one in Segovia and our online campus. The original Madrid campus is a vibrant urban campus distributed among several buildings located in the central Salamanca neighborhood, where the institution and the city coexist seamlessly. 

Our historic Segovia campus melds the old and the new, with cutting edge infrastructure and architecturally significant historic architecture. The campus lies just outside the medieval city walls, adjacent to leafy parks and trails, and is connected to Madrid via high-speed rail link.  

The new IE Tower is located in the northern part of the city, not far from the airport or Chamartin Train Station.  The 35-story tower is the fifth skyscraper in this new and developing area of the city.  With the addition of our undergraduate students and many faculty and staff to this exciting area of Madrid, we are creating a true ecosystem of learning, working, sport facilities, healthcare and other activities.  Our vertical campus, with an extensive green area behind it, contains classrooms, shared facilities, a creativity center, cafeteria, swimming pool and sport facilities.  

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