Center for Sustainable Cities - Team

Center for Sustainability Cities

Meet our team

Profile - Manuel Pérez Romero Manuel Pérez Romero

Chair of the Center for Sustainable Cities. Ph.D, Architecture.

Profile - Martha Thorne Martha Thorne

Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design

Profile - Cristina Mateo Cristina Mateo

Associate Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design
Ph.D, Sociology

Profile - Cem Kayatekin Cem Kayatekin

Assistant Professor, IE School of Design and Architecture. Ph.D, Architecture


There are three potential areas to collaborate with the Center for Sustainable Cities: Education, Outreach and Research.


Lecture series

IE School of Architecture and Design and the CSC has a long experience of bringing to Madrid top experts in their field to hold lectures, for our students, the public or for selected guests in a closed setting. Ten Pritzker Prize winners has been with us over the years as well as such names as: Odile Decq, Natalie de Vries, Joan Clos, Matthias Schuler, Stefano Boeri, Hunter Tura, Carlos Ratti, and many, many more.


As an academic institution, our goal is to bring together the mosttalented people –students, faculty, staff and community. In order for top students to be able to attend higher education, some need assistance. Named scholarships, that highlight the donor and are earmarked for talented students that meet the criteria established by the donor with IE. Scholarships tie into the ideas of active corporate responsibility.


At IE University, Labs are an innovative format for students to combine academics and hands‐on experience with our community. The volunteer students with a support of a faculty member work on real world projects in a variety of ways.

Student club

There are dozens of clubs at IE led by current students and alumni. The bring people together around a theme for discussions, site visits, activities, knowledge sharing and networking.


Workshops with stakeholders

In an efforts to understand various points of view and to share information across the private, public and academic sectors, a 1⁄2 day or full day workshop can be organized. It usually includes a series of brief lectures and/or panel discussion, followed by dividing into small groups to discuss (with the help of a facilitator) specific aspects of the theme in an effort to contrast opinions and find common ground.

Venture Day

IE Venture Days culminate in day‐long events that bring together the best start-ups, experts and investors around a theme. Start‐ups are in competition to be recognized as the best in their class and be able to receive support from IE through an accelerator course and mentorship opportunities.


Thought Leadership Reports

These reports brings together approximately 5 interviews and/or videos of leading thinkers in each field, so that in one the new trends, emerging ideas, or major challenges are brought out in an interesting and attractive format. Each report takes only about 3 months to produce from start to finish.

Applied Research

We develop an interdisciplinary research team in the a specific area of interest. These reports, White Papers, will be published in approximately 6‐12 months.