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Letter from the Director

Dear Prospective Student,

One of the most exciting and promising conditions of our time is change. Deep transformations are taking place in the world of design in general, in architecture, engineering and construction, as well as in other industries related to cities and the built environment.

In the past, the traditional approach to design gave little attention to anything beyond the act of creating physical spaces. Today, our impact as professionals increasingly depends on widening our vision, identifying new business opportunities, fresh approaches to problem-solving and renewed ways to create value through design. It also resides in understanding how to work across disciplines with innovation-driven rather than authorship-driven teams, in communicating well, applying principles of management, finance and strategy wisely and embracing technology and agility in organizations. To affect positive change and gain relevance, we need to develop a vision for creative leadership that represents this mindset, the shared territories and the mutual empowerment between business and design. A vision that helps us to define, communicate and leverage our unique value for society as a group, and our differentiation as individuals to make great things happen.

The Master in Business for Architecture and Design (MBArch) is a unique program that provides spatial design professionals with the skills they need in management, entrepreneurship, and innovation to increase their relevance, effectiveness and strategic vision at work, becoming leaders and transforming their organizations, or creating the built environment companies of tomorrow. Led by IE School of Architecture & Design, the MBArch also gathers experts from, IE Business School, School of Human Sciences & Technology and the Law School, building a world-class professional and faculty ecosystem, aligned under one vision: that business and design are stronger together. 

But we are not only unique for thinking like designers, with business in our blood; the MBArch also stands out for its blended format, which allows students to combine the program with their professional activity, personal research, and other interests or commitments. 

The Master’s strong focus on Management and Entrepreneurship, directly applied to spatial design professions, makes the MBArch relevant in the current transformation of our realm. The Venture Lab, a fundamental component of the program, is a real-world entrepreneurship exercise that allows students to develop a broad, contemporary mindset and skill-set for business innovation. Students also have the opportunity to create and test projects in an academic environment of excellence, in a real and practical way, so that they can apply what they have learned during and after graduation.

The experience of the Master in Business for Architecture and Design is a unique and seamless combination of online sessions, face-to-face periods in Madrid and Amsterdam, and a professional post-graduation trip to London. The time students and faculty spend together in the same cities allows them to get to know each other, share experiences and network with a prominent community of architects, global design influencers, disruptors, entrepreneurs, and innovative, up-and-coming professionals.

The online sessions resemble professional situations where we work with others virtually, without the confines of a particular space. In both formats, group work and team projects provide the opportunity to learn through collaboration, which is essential in the current professional world, and also allows students to build solid bonds that lead to lasting relationships.

At IE we are passionate about creating a better future and providing our students with the best possible academic and professional journeys. Join us for the Master in Business for Architecture and Design, and become a leader in a world where the impact and potential of design are growing exponentially. 

I look forward to working alongside you!


Jerónimo van Schendel,

Director of the Master in Business for Architecture and Design

Master in Business for Architecture and Design

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