“IE University has excelled in attracting brilliant individuals from all around the globe, filling classes with countless cultures and backgrounds.”

Emilie, Switzerland

Master in International Relations

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Emilie Panizzutti

About me

My name is Emilie Panizzutti, and I’m originally from Geneva, Switzerland. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to live in Switzerland, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and now Spain, embracing the vast array of cultures our world has to offer. I would describe myself as an open-minded, ambitious, adventurous and hard-working individual. I’ve fallen in love with the field of international relations and hope to work for an intergovernmental organization in which I can help make change.

Emilie Panizzutti, Switzerland


Master’s student

An international education to address the world’s disparities

It’s no surprise that Emilie Panizzutti has found her passion in the field of international relations, as she has been traveling and living abroad from a very young age. Emilie’s early education began in the Swiss and French education systems, and she later switched to an international education system for her high school studies, completing the Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate. She then moved to the United Kingdom for three years to earn her Bachelor of Science in International Business.

Emilie’s exposure to numerous curriculums enabled her to explore various subjects of interest. She always believed that business was her passion, but now she has fallen in love with international relations and hopes to work for an intergovernmental organization where she can make real change. Pursuing that dream, her most recent move has found her in Spain, where she is completing her Master in International Relations at IE University in Madrid.

At 21, Emilie is already building up a résumé that shows initiative, dedication and curiosity about the world—she has worked as a tutor for a family and completed an internship at a Swiss company where she explored different business aspects. She has also done plenty of volunteer work with organizations such as the European Film Festival, Doctors Without Borders, TEDx Youth and the Plessis-Trévise Marathon.

Emilie chose to pursue her Master in International Relations at IE University for a number of reasons. She was strongly attracted to the curriculum and its relevance to today’s politics. Emilie also noted that IE University has excelled in attracting brilliant individuals from all around the globe, both in its student body and in its faculty. For Emilie, it was not only the professors’ academic skills, but also their “relevant and impressive backgrounds” that made IE University her school of choice.

Emilie remembers feeling impressed that the application process does not revolve solely around students’ academic and professional backgrounds, but the individual as a whole. And now as she nears the end of the program, Emilie finds it difficult to say what she likes most about the Master in International Relations—there are so many elements that she enjoys! She loves the diversity and level of engagement in her classes, as well as the variety of courses that touch on so many aspects of the working world.

Learning at the hands of professors who have worked at the Council of Europe, the United Nations, the World Bank, the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Inter-American Development Bank and much more came as a pleasant surprise to Emilie. Such a wealth of experience among faculty not only allows students to gain a deeper perspective of the vast organizations out there, but also to acquire skills and knowledge to one day be successful in the working field. She feels lucky to learn from professors who, in her words, “immerse us in their fascinating knowledge.”

For Emilie, day-to-day life at IE University consists of classes, assignments, readings and dedicating time to her Capstone Project with Doctors Without Borders. Outside of academics, she has a number of hobbies that fill her personal time. Passionate about traveling, she finds the schedule at IE University quite advantageous as it allows her to travel during long weekends. The Master in International Relations itself also has travel built into the program; Emilie highlights the one-week Brussels trip as a fantastic and memorable experience.

Emilie’s advice for those considering the program is to arrive with your organization and time management skills in top shape. She emphasizes that this is a very intensive program where students have to juggle courses, job applications and a balanced lifestyle. She says that while the master is intense, it’s nothing less than worth it! She’s amazed at how in the short 10-month program, she has acquired so much knowledge, surmounted challenges and had the opportunity to live many experiences.

One thing that Emilie will take with her is the knowledge that sharing views and opinions allows us to build and grow, both as individuals and collectively. She has learned that it is always crucial to share your thoughts and views, as they can make a positive impact.

Following graduation, Emilie aspires to work on projects in developing countries. She is incredibly passionate about humanitarian aid and human rights, particularly for women and children. And in 5-10 years, Emilie hopes to attain a good position at a powerful intergovernmental organization where she can lead projects that will lead to lasting change.

“In the short 10-months program, I have acquired so much knowledge, surmounted challenges and had the opportunity to live many experiences.”