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Jose María Viñals - IE Explains | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

What are International Sanctions?

International sanctions are coercive political and legal measures imposed on states, non-state parties or individuals whose actions may threaten international peace and security. IE GPA Professor of E-Commerce, Digitalization and Trade Innovation, Jose María Viñals, explains international sanction’s widespread effects, conflicting duties, and how it affect states and entities.

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Waya Quiviger | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

What is Foreign Aid and does it work?

Is foreign aid always truly effective? In this virtual lesson, former World Economic Forum manager and IE University professor Waya Quiviger offers evocative food for thought as she presents the origins, criticisms and incentives for foreign aid in the contemporary context.

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Dj Flynn | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

What is fake news?

Fake news is powerful, distortive and increasingly pervasive. IE GPA Assistant Professor of Political Science D.J. Flynn analyzes fake news in this video, looking at the difficulties inherent in fact checking, and how to respond to fake news effectively.

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Jessica Fowler | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Why history matters to International Relations

Dr Jessica Fowler is an International Teaching Fellow at IE GPA and a history expert. In this video, she explains why an understanding of how history has shaped the present is essential in trying to envision the future.

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Daniel Kselman | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

What is democracy and does it work in the 21st century?

IE GPA Vice Dean Daniel Kselman is a political expert who is regularly published in top academic journals. In this video he explores the history of democracy, examining democratic and non-democratic attitudes prevalent today, as well as different models of democracy in Europe and America.

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Carlos Lastra | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Effects of technological change on employment and politics

In this video, IE GPA professor Carlos Lastra shares his predictions regarding the impact technological transformation will have on employment and politics. Professor Lastra, a social policy specialist, argues that automation can actually create more jobs than it costs.

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Grace Obado | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

The role of Africa in rise and the rise of China as a superpower

Modern relations between China and Africa mark an important development in international politics. The history, motivations and conditions underpinning this relationship are outlined in this video by Grace Obado, IE GPA professor and leading academic researcher in the field of African studies.

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Stephanie Lackner | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

How do natural disasters affect economic growth in the long run?

The long-term effects of natural disasters on economic growth are difficult to predict. In this video, IE GPA professor Stephanie Lackner, a renowned sustainable development economist, examines how these effects can vary depending on a number of complex factors.

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Johanna Jacobson | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Governance of global issues through international trade agreements

Regulating international trade is a topic of continuous global debate. In this video, IE GPA professor Joanna Jacobson delves into the fundamentals of International Trade Agreements. As an industry-leading expert in international trade law, she offers invaluable insight into a complex issue.

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Oscar Martinez Tapia | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Inequality and you

The subject of inequality is an issue that divides journalists, professors and politicians at an international level. Political analyst and IE GPA faculty member Dr. Martinez-Tapia shares his expertise on the topic in this enlightening introduction to the perspectives and arguments surrounding inequality.

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