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Candidate profile

For tomorrow’s future-facing economists

Transform from strategic-minded, analytical thinker to economic visionary. The Master in Applied Economics attracts a broad variety of graduates, professionals and career-shifters who have a strong quantitative background and want to develop their potential in the economics sector.

Our diverse community of dedicated students come from all over the world. You should be passionate about forecasting trends and have a desire to keep up to date with the latest software and programming. Our students are technically minded, focused and data-driven, ready to catapult their career.

You’ll have a background in economics, business, finance, or technical subjects such as math, physics and engineering. You’ll be ambitious and have your sights set on a professional career in government, an international financial institution, or a tech corporation, for example. If you want to become a driver of change and explore how the latest technological trends can impact the world of economics, this is the program for you.



  • You’re passionate about how to apply technology and programming to economics (and want to learn how to use them as a force for change).
  • You have a strong quantitative background and a strategic mind (and you enjoy statistics and planning).
  • You want a CV that stands out when applying for a job (that will show off your cutting-edge knowledge and impressive skill set).
  • You’re ambitious and love to stay ahead of the curve (you don’t just keep up with trends—you predict them).
  • You want to form connections with like-minded economic experts (by networking with your professors and classmates).

Academic background & professional experience

For change-makers with a flair for numbers

Jump-start your career with a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a change in the economic sphere. Students of the Master in Applied Economics are part of a diverse, international community with a relentless determination to succeed.

Your cohort will represent talent from a number of specializations—economics, business, finance, math, physics, engineering and so much more. We’re looking for graduates with a strong quantitative background who are seeking to specialize before embarking on their careers. Your class may be made up of dynamic professionals who are interested in pursuing a technical career in economics, or those who have already developed a career but are seeking to consolidate their knowledge and give it a boost.

It’s important that you have a solid academic background with a high GPA in your undergraduate degree, or high grades in economics, statistics and math.

Our students are tenacious, driven individuals who want to make waves in the economic sector. It’s ideal for those looking for a professional career in strategic consulting, business, international financial institutions or tech corporations, but whichever path you choose to follow, the transferable skills you develop will serve you well.