CHOOSE YOUR PATHWAY TO A HIGH-IMPACT CAREER There are infinite choices when it comes to your career. What's your passion? Which jobs are future-proof? HST offers future-forward, innovative programs that prepare you to succeed in the jobs of the future.

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Career Discovery

Where’s your place in the new world of work?

The world of work has changed. Lines between industries, areas and departments have become blurry or even disappeared as the new world of work becomes multidisciplinary and integrated. With competitiveness in this new ecosystem increasing and brand new positions popping up as a result of digital disruption, it’s harder than ever to choose your path.

HST can help lead the way. HST is a career-focused and constantly innovating school that prepares students for the new economy and careers of the future, focusing on three main professional worlds that are undergoing rapid growth and transformation in the new digital economy. Discover which world ignites your passions.

The world of CONNECT

Marketing, Communication, and the Customer
This world is about CONNECTING customers, products, services and companies. Itʼs about brands, advertising, influence, behavior and communication.

Discover the world of connect

The world of SPARK

Digital Tech and Data Science for Business
This world is about bridging the gap between tech and business, under the umbrella of SPARKING digital innovation in any function, any company, and any sector.

Discover the world of spark

The world of LIFT

People, Behavior, and Transformation
This world is all about LIFTING people up in the diverse contexts in which they work and live. It's about talent, leadership, and human development and performance.

Discover the world of lift


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