The world of CONNECT

Marketing, Communication, & the Customer

This is a fast-paced world focused on CONNECTING customers, products, services, and companies. Is this the right world for you? Keep reading...

This is the exciting world of big brands, marketing departments, integrated communication agencies, digital media production studios, customer experience design firms, digital marketing consulting firms, and consumer insights research.

Dive into the World of Connect

Why the world of connect?

Because we're absorbed in the digital world

According to Statista, US adult average daily time on social media and watching digital video content has almost doubled in the last five years, reaching 135 minutes and 75 minutes, respectively.

Because consumer needs are changing

Because the world is more connected than ever

Globalization and technology have made the world ever-more interconnected, and businesses need professionals who have mastered the modern forms of communication.

There are myriad ways you might pursue a career in the world of CONNECT, depending on your preferences for how you like to work – what we call “Ways of Working” or simply WoWs.

Below are examples of some of the exciting jobs in this world

Ways of working in the world of Connect

    How do you work?

    Discover all the professional possibilities based on how you think and work.

  • People & Influence

    People & Influence

    These people like to take the time to understand the motivations and behaviors of others, which may apply to customers, clients, colleagues, or other stakeholders of an organization. They enjoy using this understanding as a basis for influencing others – through communications (presentations, articles, campaigns, speeches), influence and persuasion, and negotiation. They also like highly participative work that requires teamwork, management, and consensus building – and being a catalyzer who makes things happen.

    Job position

    Marketing Communications Manager
    Director of Strategic Communications
    Customer Insights Manager
    Customer Experience Manager
    Social Media Strategist
    Brand Manager & Strategist
  • Analyzing & Explaining

    Analyzing & Explaining

    These people tend to like addressing challenges in a structured way, breaking down problems into pieces and then analyzing these pieces by thinking, researching and collecting facts or data. They often enjoy working with complex concepts or large amounts of information and distilling as a way to reach conclusions or recommendations. They also like developing frameworks, charts, and other ways to package information – and those who enjoy quantitative analysis often try to codify, measure and model as a way to understand and explain.

    Job position

    Customer Insights Analyst
    Omnichannel Strategist
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Brand Reputation Analyst
    UI/UX/CX Analyst
    Social Media Analyst
  • Creating & Developing

    Creating & Developing

    These people tend to like work activities that lead to novel results either by starting from scratch with a blank slate or finding and combining ingredients in new ways. They enjoy the process of making, developing and crafting – writing, shooting and editing video, designing graphics and other creative materials, or producing digital media. They also like expressive activities that involve transforming their ideas, inspirations and feelings into tangible forms that can be shared with others, used by others, or that influence and shape how other people think or feel.

    Job position

    Digital Content Creator
    Copywriter & Content Producer
    CX/UI/UX/Interaction Designer
    Marketing Creative Director
    Multimedia Project Manager
    Virtual/Augmented Reality Designer


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HST Alumni in the world of connect

Our Connect Alumni have landed first-rate positions in their respective fields around the world.

Saskia Kristina Schupp

Brand Manager | Lego

Master in Marketing and Corporate Communication

Ignacio Cifuentes Huertas

Video Content Producer | Freelancer

Master in Visual and Digital Media

Houda Bennis

Corporate Affairs & Communication Manager | Japan Tobacco International

Master in Marketing and Corporate Communication PT

Alexandra Berman

Market Researcher | BrainJuicer

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Who's hiring in the world of connect?

These are just a few of the top companies where you could see yourself working with a degree in the world of Connect.

  • Nielsen
  • McCann
  • L'Oreal
  • Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Saffron Brand Consultants
  • Buzzfeed
  • YouTube
  • Hootsuite

Master's programs in the world of connect

  • Master in Visual & Digital Media

    Quality content is king. Put your creativity to work on the real-world applications of visual and digital media and bridge the gap between creativity and management.

    • October
    • Full-Time
    • 10 Months
    • Madrid
  • Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication

    Guide organizations through the digital age with effective communication and marketing strategies to drive business value.

    • April
    • Part Time
    • 12 months
    • Online & Madrid
    • October
    • Full Time
    • 10 months
    • Madrid
  • Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

    Drive vision, strategy, and innovation in any organization through market and consumer insights.

    • October
    • Full-Time
    • 10 months
    • Madrid
  • Master In Customer Experience & Innovation

    Conceive, develop and implement innovative products, services and experiences with a human-centered focus at each step of the customer journey.

    • October
    • Full-Time
    • 10 Months
    • Madrid
  • Master in Digital Marketing

    Become a forward-thinking expert in the thrilling new world of digital performance, strategy, and customer analytics.

    • April
    • Part Time
    • 15 months
    • Online & Madrid
    • September
    • Full Time
    • 11 months
    • Madrid

Bachelor's programs in the World of Connect

Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences

Study, analyze, and understand human behavior. Lead us into a better world.




4 years

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Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

Lead the way in innovative communication




4 years

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