The World of LIFT

People, Behavior, & Transformation

This world is all about LIFTING people in the diverse contexts in which they work and live. Is this the right world for you? Keep reading...

Careers in the LIFT world are high-impact positions driven by human insights—understanding and influencing the behavior of customers, employees, voters and citizens, family members and individuals in challenging situations.

Think behavioral experiments, in-store observations, talent development and training, positive leadership, campaign and policy nudging, health and wellness interventions, and community service.


Because the new world of work needs potential-seekers

When employees are the right fit for their job, they’re 2.5 times more productive and have higher retention rates (ValueBased).

Because companies must guide teams through change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” - Charles Darwin

  • It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.

    Steve Jobs

There are myriad ways you might pursue a career in the world of LIFT, depending on your preferences for how you like to work – what we call “Ways of Working” or simply WoWs.

Below are examples of some of the exciting jobs in this world

Ways of working in the world of LIFT

    How do you work?

    Discover all the professional possibilities based on how you think and work.

  • People & Influence

    People & Influence

    These people have a strong drive to understand human behavior and tend to look for ways to support, encourage and develop other people (colleagues, employees, clients ...) to help them bring out their potential and succeed. They take time to uncover the motivations and needs of others, and often concern themselves with supporting causes, championing fairness, and ensuring that others have a voice and the opportunity to participate and be included. They also tend to enjoy work that involves resolving conflict and disagreement and looking for common ground as a way to build consensus.

    Job positions

    Talent Development Manager
    Director of Employee Engagement
    Employee Experience Designer
    Training and Learning Designer
    HR Transformation Leader
    Change Leadership Consultant
  • Analyzing & Explaining

    Analyzing & Explaining

    These people tend to like work that involves studying people and their behavior in diverse contexts: as consumers, voters, employees, or family members... Whether using qualitative methods (real-word observation, interviews, focus groups) or quantitative methods (surveys, eye-tracking, data analytics), they enjoy the process of revealing insights in human behavior, and using these insights to drive important decisions and actions in the workplace and beyond. They also like distilling information to its essence, and using frameworks and other tools to represent and communicate complex concepts clearly and simply.

    Job positions

    Behavioral Insights Researcher
    People Analytics Manager
    Customer Segmentation & Profiling Analyst
    Voter Preference Analyst
    Assessment & Psychometrics Consultant
    UX/UI/CX Analyst & Designer
  • Creating & Developing

    Creating & Developing

    These people tend to like work activities that involve designing creative ways to influence and/or intervene for the purposes of human development – transforming the status quo into something bigger, better, more positive. They might enjoy designing a better working environment for employees, an ingenious “nudge” to get people to eat more healthfully, a program for improving the lives of people in difficult situations (poverty, war, sickness, ...), or simply coaching others to help them thrive or overcome a professional or personal challenge. They also like activities that center on a cause or passion that becomes a source of ideas and inspiration in the work that they choose to do.

    Job positions

    Behavioral Designer
    Professional Performance Coach
    Policy & Campaign Designer/Nudger
    Health & Wellness Consultant/Coach
    Community Organizer & Change-Maker
    Social Impact Program Developer


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HST Alumni in the world of LIFT

Our Lift alumni have landed first-rate positions in their respective fields around the world.

Nyami Mandindi

CEO, Royal Haskoning DHV, South Africa, Executive

Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy

Pablo Díaz

Executive Chairman, UBS Bank SA, Spain, Executive

Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy

Jorge López

Managing Director, 3M Brazil, Board Member, American Chamber of Commerce, Mexico, Executive

Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy

Who's hiring in the world of LIFT?

These are just a few of the top companies where you could see yourself working with a degree in the world of Lift.

  • LinkedIn
  • Citigroup
  • Randstad
  • Oxfam
  • Deloitte
  • PWC
  • Monster

Master's programs in the world of LIFT

Bachelor's programs in the World of Lift

Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences

Study, analyze, and understand human behavior. Lead us into a better world.




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