The world of SPARK

Digital Tech and Data Science for Business

Welcome to the cutting-edge world that’s all about bridging tech and business, under the umbrella of SPARKING digital innovation in any function, any company, and any sector. Is this the right world for you? Keep reading...

This is the wild world where data and tech drive radical improvements in business performance.

Think data science, artificial intelligence, bots, IoT, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, and the digital technologies just around the corner.


Because managing floods of data is a key challenge...

In the past two years alone, humans have created more data than in the entire history of humanity.

  • Every company now is really a tech company

    Randi Zuckerberg

    CEO of Zuckerberg Media

  • 4 of the 5 “Best Jobs” in 2017 are tech jobs.

Because sucess isn´t about keeping up, it's about leading.

Amazon is now delivering products by drone. Self-drving tractor-trailers will soon barrel onto highways near you. Face-detecting systems now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals. Will you design their next groundbreaking technology?

  • There are more than 500,000 open computing jobs nationwide, but less than 43,000 computer science students graduated into the workforce last year.

There are myriad ways you might pursue a career in the world of SPARK, depending on your preferences for how you like to work – what we call “Ways of Working” or simply WoWs.

Below are examples of some of the exciting jobs in this world

Ways of working in the world of SPARK

    How do you work?

    Discover all the professional possibilities based on how you think and work.

  • People & Influence

    People & Influence

    These people like to catalyze projects and drive innovation by orchestrating activities and teams, and by identifying and bringing together the resources necessary to make things happen—working as the master chefs in the tech kitchen. They tend to have a service-orientation in that they enjoy working collaboratively with both external stakeholders (customers, clients, suppliers) and/or internal stakeholders (employees, department managers) to identify their needs and use-cases, and to help define projects that will have high impact. They are also like highly participative work that involves collegial teamwork, brainstorming, and co-development.

    Job position:

    Digital Strategist & Transformation Director
    Innovation Manager
    Technology Consultant
    Tech Development Lead
    Lead UX Consultant
    Cybersecurity & Digital Risk Director
  • Analyzing & Explaining

    Analyzing & Explaining

    These people tend to approach challenges in a structured way, breaking down problems into pieces and then analyzing these pieces by reasoning, researching and collecting facts or data. They want to know “why”, “how” and “for what”. They like working with complex concepts or large amounts of information -- trying to find patterns, and to reduce and simplify as a way to reach conclusions or recommendations. They also like developing frameworks, data representations, and other ways to package information – and those who enjoy quantitative work often try to measure and model as a way to understand, explain, and optimize.

    Job position:

    Data Scientist
    AI & Machine Learning Modeler
    Digital Business Analyst
    Operations & Performance Analytics Lead
    IoT Integration Lead
    Cybersecurity Threat & Response Analyst
  • Creating & Developing

    Creating & Developing

    These people tend to enjoy the process of building – starting with some basic ingredients – or even a blank slate – and working to bring something new and innovative to life. For example, they might enjoy developing an app, uncovering a cool pattern in complex data, or inventing a tech-based solution to a challenging business problem. They also like activities that involve turning their big ideas into tangible outputs that can be used by others or implemented within an organization.

    Job position:

    AI Developer
    Bot Developer
    Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Developer
    UX/UI Programmer
    App Developer
    Robotics & Automation Developer


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HST Alumni in the world of SPARK

Our Spark Alumni have landed first-rate positions in their respective fields around the world.

Christina Stathopoulos

Analytical Consultant | Google

Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Haitham Mahdy

Manager | EY

Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Roosi Mägi

Predictive Analytics | Big Data | Solution Advisor at SAP

Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Ana María Herrero Fernández

Technology Consultant | PDM Consultores


Who's hiring in the world of SPARK?

These are just a few of the top companies where you could see yourself working with a degree in the world of Spark.

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Telefónica
  • SourceFire
  • Apple
  • Amadeus
  • Santander
  • PWC

Master's programs in the world of Spark

Bachelor's programs in the World of Spark

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

Harness the power of data. Transform the world.




4 years

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Bachelor in Information Systems Management

Drive transformation with tech innovation




4 years

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Bachelor in Economics

Drive economics in the new digital era.




4 years

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