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At HST, we don't just embrace change, we drive it.

To do this, we invest all we have in our community of changemakers, certain that with the right tools, their bright ideas will shape the future. Our people are doers, techies, artists, visionaries, communicators, builders, leaders… and it’s our job to create an environment that allows them to develop their ideas, fulfill their potential, and accelerate.

We are continuously crafting new initiatives that respond to the ever-changing demands of the new economy. From Innovation Farms to Women Initiatives to Bootcamps… and stay tuned because there’s always exciting projects coming fresh out the lab.

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The HST community is proudly made up of barrier-breaking, change-making women, whether they be professors, students, entrepreneurs, investors, important decision-makers, or any combination of them. IE empowers women across the globe through education, offering scholarships, women's clubs and events, and generally inspiring confidence and supporting women along their path to success.


We connect international start-ups with investors, accelerators & thought leaders worldwide!

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