MINDFULNESS-BASED STRATEGIC AWARENESS TRAINING - TEACHER TRAINING (MBSAT-TT) Fostering and supporting skillful decision-making for your personal & professional life

Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training

Mindfulness is an invaluable tool to help humans manage and understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors by being decidedly present in their daily activities. Strategic awareness, on the other hand, is defined as the capacity to observe with a discerning, evaluative quality that enables wise choices and innovative ideas—for the benefit of individuals, their teams, and society at large. Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT) merges these two concepts.

MBSAT is a secular, non-clinical, next-generation training method to enhance resources and skillful decision-making at work and in private life. Grounded in Asian mindfulness techniques and adjusted to the challenges of today, the program draws from several disciplines, such as secular mindfulness practices, positive psychology, neuroscience, behavioral finance, behavioral strategy, and system dynamics.

Given the increasing public and organizational interest and demand for secular mindfulness, it’s imperative that we support teachers in their efforts to teach MBSAT. At IE School of Human Science & Technology, we get this, which is why we’ve created the MBSAT-TT, a teach-the-teacher program designed to mold sharp and effective instructors in this field.


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By knowing yourself and managing your daily life more appropriately, you are able to make wiser decisions. These decisions can reduce stress, increase wellbeing, and increase resilience.
Reduce tension and agitation throughout your entire workplace and personal life.


Uncover hidden or ignored strengths through self-discovery and heighten your chances of succeeding in all aspects of life.
Give light to new strengths and opportunities and increase productivity in the workplace.


Rid yourself of any unskillful habits that are stopping you from reaching your potential and turn your back to fixed opinions that have no positive place in your life.
Free individuals and organizations from harmful practices that hinder them.


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“I found access to my own resources: some I knew about, but didn’t dare to tap into, and new ones that I thought were beyond reach.”

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This course is specifically for people who want to become MBSAT Trainers, with the objective of disseminating the benefits of mindfulness. We think it’s ideal for candidates to first understand MBSAT from a participant’s perspective, so it’s preferable for applicants to have previously taken the course before starting the teacher training. However, participants who have been trained in MBSR and MBCT, or any other mindfulness practices, will be considered.



    You’ll gain an insightful introduction to the fundamentals of teaching topics and guiding practices involved in Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness. You will also be introduced to the mindful inquiry participants must demonstrate in MBSAT. Finally, you will have the opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice while simultaneously developing your teaching skills through small group tutorials (“teach backs”).


    This module focuses mainly on the embodiment and inquiry and deepening the understanding of the MBSAT program. In Module Two you will explore how to guide the practices and exercises unique to MBSAT and learn their relevance within the workplace. On top of this, you will learn how to develop plans for personal growth based on strengths, opportunities and positive actions to help your participants maximise their potential. Finish the module with evidence for completion of the course, equipping you with all that you need to complete further courses and gain even more experience.


    Become a true embodiment of all you have learned so far and fully engage yourself in MBSAT by partaking in a week-long silent retreat to deepen and renew your mindfulness practice. Each participant is responsible for organising and funding a 1-week silent retreat. IE will recommend retreats and validate participants’ proposals.


    Legitimize all your hard work and earn a “Certified MBSAT Teacher” certificate (provided you have completed all the requirements.)


There are two six-day modules, each Monday-Saturday. One module is in the first half of the year and the other, the second half.

The dates for the two MBSAT-TT Face-to-Face modules, which will take place at the historic conference site Kartause near Zurich, Switzerland,  are:

  • Module 1: July 22-27th, 2019
  • Module 2: November 4-9th, 2019
  • Silent Retreat: each participant is responsible for organising and funding a 1-week silent retreat.

The price of the program is €10,000 (and includes the MBSAT Trainer Certification). Please contact us to find out about the special price for IE Alumni.

Admission is based on a written application and one or more interviews with Juan Humberto Young and Monika Young-Elser. Each teacher training is limited to approximately 15 participants to ensure training can be both personalized and of the highest quality.

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