NEVER STOP MOVING Your experience will be so much more than what happens in class, and the fast-paced student lifestyle will keep you on your toes.



One of the most valued aspects of becoming an HST student is the 360-degree transformation you go through during your studies. You don't just go to class and study—your days are packed with anything from team meetings, to guest speakers, company visits, hackathons, sports clubs... You will join a vivacious and lively community, bursting with diversity everywhere you look. These experiences, connections, and the knowledge you gain throughout the program will stay with you and shape you for the rest of your professional and personal life.

Campuses fit for transformational experiences

Get ready to be inspired. HST has three campuses: one in Madrid, an electric city where innovation is at the order of the day, one in Segovia, a fairytale city where history and modernity strike a perfect balance, and the third is our virtual campus, an online learning environment that provides flexibility and tech-forward education to all students.

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Out of the classroom, into life

The wide range of extracurriculars, sports, and social activities available at IE will bring new flavor to your learning experience. There's something for everyone, from football to data science to women in business.

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Our student services office has you covered from the moment you step into HST, to help you squeeze the most out of your HST experience.

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