Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

The Program

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data molds future data scientists ready to help their companies become data-driven businesses by extracting relevant insights from data and using advanced analytics to drive decision-making processes. They are professionals who are capable of rethinking and rebuilding processes, products, and services by applying machine learning & AI to solve user problems.

The program is divided into 3 terms that combine subjects from 4 key areas of knowledge and skills needed for professionals in data science and analytics. The 10-month course, with intakes in October as well as April, is an immersive experience in Madrid, a burgeoning tech hub that is teeming with innovative minds from all over the world.

  • 10th


    Our Master in Business Analytics & Big Data ranked 10th for Masters in Business Analytics.




  • Business Transformation

    Gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of how organizations today collect and utilize data generated from a wide variety of sources to drive performance. Understand how companies are adopting advanced technologies to generate new and actionable insights.

  • Data Science

    Dive into the world of data science, gaining practical knowledge in a wide range of Artificial Intelligence techniques from Machine Learning, to Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Conversational Agents, and Robotics.

  • Big Data Technologies

    Get a grasp on the emerging tools and technologies available to successfully tackle challenges in Big Data. Learn to design and build a Data Lake capable of handling large-scale structured and unstructured collections of data in real time by using cutting-edge technologies such as Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, and Flint, among others.

  • Professional Skills

    Being successful in data science and analytics isn’t just about having top-notch technical expertise. Develop the professional and behavioral skills you need to have a real impact on business decisions.

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Getting to work

You’ll get to roll up your sleeves from the get-go. Gain experience completing practical challenges with multinational tech companies, presenting your results to experts in the field.


Companies from various industries will provide your team with real data sets, and you will have to uncover actionable insights and drive innovation.

Kaggle Competitions

At the end of each period, you will have the opportunity to compete against other students in an individual Kaggle-style competition that will out what you've learned to the test.


At HST, we believe that our alumni should play an active role in making each program a unique experience. At the beginning of the year, each student will be assigned a mentor who will advise them on things like how to manage your time during the program, which electives best suit their profile and professional aspirations, or what companies really ask for when you join a real team of data scientists.


At HST, we believe the best way to learn is through practical, hands-on methodologies. Thanks to our strong relationship with top industry professionals, students have the opportunity to experience the real world of work in the classroom through challenges, consulting projects, and multimedia simulations, applying their knowledge as they go. Here are some of the partner companies collaborating with the program:

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The tuition for the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data is 35,200€* for the 2018-2019 academic year.

*Tuition is reviewed on a yearly basis and therefore subject to change.